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Day Tripping to Nearby Islands

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While you're staying on St. John, why not check out some of the cool islands nearby?  Remember to bring your passport, as you'll need it to leave the territory and visit the British Virgin Islands (BVIs).

Adding a day trip to your vacation is easy! Join a scheduled tour with one of the local dive shops or water vessels, or charter a private motor boat (with or without a captain) that will take you and your group anywhere you want to go.  Choosing is easy, just think of how much you want to spend, who you want to hang with, and what you want to see.

cruz-bay-watersports-picnic-sailJoining a Tour: A Social Scene

Guided tours allow you to check-out mentally and just be rail-meat on the boat, alone or with others traveling with you. You need not drive, or even navigate, your job is simply to enjoy! Most tours will provide snorkel equipment, as well as beverages and even lunch. Keep in mind that you could be with up to 50 strangers, depending on the tour size, so if the size of a group is a concern, be sure to ask about maximum capacity.

boating-fun Chartering a Boat - Freedom to Choose

If you're comfortable manning your own ship on own Caribbean water, St. John has a few optoins out of Cruz Bay. Paying for your own boat gives you the freedom to choose who boards, and which course you will set. There are many possible points of interest in the waters beyond St. John, so it's best to narrow the choices and enjoy 1 to 4 stops during the day.

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