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Duty Free Shopping

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valley-doll-hot-sauce-stjohn Bizarre Bazaar 2015-steph-craftsSt. John and the rest of the US Virgin Islands allow for twice the amount of tax-free purchases than the rest of the Caribbean. Buy up to $1600 of gems, jewelry, memorable artwork, and more on St. John, St. Thomas, and St. Croix and you'll head back home without paying a lick of tax. Every US citizen (including children!) can leave the US Virgin Islands with up to $1600 worth of purchased merchandise every 30 days tax free.

And if that's not enough, US residents age 21 years and older can treat themselves to up to 5 unopened liters of lovely local libations without paying a lick of sales tax. That's 5x more savings than the 1-liter per person limit elsewhere in the Caribbean. You can even grab your bottles before boarding, right there from the liquor store at the airport. Making it easy for ya' to remember your trip so you'll come back soon!cruzan-rum

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