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St. John Spa Day Essentials

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mud-bathaloe-plant What's so special about another beach day, you say? Fear not, my friend, what awaits you is a Salt Pond Spa Day! Pluck an aloe stalk from the side of the road and be sure to remember plenty of drinking water and a towel before heading out.

A healthy quarter mile hike down to the bay, the best place to setup your spa day is at the far (east) side of the bay, near the entrance to the actual Salt Pond, which sits between Salt Pond Bay and Drunk Bay.

First order of business is the mud bath, so head on over to the briny mud of the salt pond and start slopping it on. Once you are sufficiently gross, shuffle on back and bake your mud self in the sun.

sea-saltScrub off in the sea once dry and proceed to slice open the aloe stalk and smooth the gooey gunk all over your face, elbows and knees. (Careful! Aloe will stain your clothes). Have a seat, why don't you, a great opportunity to use the soft sand to scrub the bottoms of your feet until they're smooth and sof

Wash off once more in the sea, take a swim, then grab a healthy smoothie at Concordia, Miss Lucy's, or Shipwreck Landing on your way back. Voila, best spa day ever!

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