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Important Caribbean Tropical Weather Terms to Know

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hurricaneImportant  Caribbean
Tropical Weather Terms 

Tropical Wave A low-pressure ripple in tghe easterly winds originating in Afridca which moves westward across the tropical Atlantic to the Caribbean.

Tropical Depression A circular pattren of low-pressure over th etrpical Atlantic gthat carries weak winds under 34 miles per hour.

Tropical Storm Winds reaching between 34 and 74 miles per hour are expected in a given area within 24 hours or less

Hurricane Watch Hurricane conditions are a likely threat within a given area in the next 36 hours.

Hurricane Warning Winds greater than 74 miles per hour are expected within a given area in the next 24 hours or less.

Storm Surge The most dangerous part of a hurricane; an area of water that is often 50 to 100 miles wide, that moves across the coastline near the hurricane's eye, destroying everything in its path. Not fun.

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