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Re-Marry Your Mate in Love City St. John

Author: Windspree Vacation Homes 

anne-marie-porter-vow-renewal-ceremony-2015b-yelena-rogers-photographyEvery year on Valentine's Day Love City stays true to its name during the annual vow renewal ceremony performed by Rev. Anne Marie Porter of St. John Weddings.  The casual, moving service is held just before dusk on often-photographed Trunk Bay beach.  In the heart of the Virgin Islands National Park, it's hard to imagine a more suitable environment for renewing commitment.

As many love birds have flocked before, Trunk Bay beach, as well as the entire North Shore of St. John, is known for attracting partners-to-be as well as newlyweds, and proves the perfect spot for a tropical fairy tale wedding.

anne-marie-porter-vow-renewal-ceremony-2015-yelena-rogers-photographyEveryone is welcome to join in the free celebration on Valentine's Day. Private ceremonies can be arranged at any time of year.  Whether you're an I-Do or an I-Do-Again, if you're looking to love your mate, St. John is the destination for you. 

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