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Best Time to Travel to Caribbean

Now that you’ve decided to spend your vacation on St. John, Virgin Islands, you’re probably wondering when the best time to travel to the Caribbean is. Well, for a place that doesn’t have a huge shift in seasons as far as weather goes, the change in vacation seasons are an important factor to consider when planning your stay.

While there are a few variations of the vacation seasons from year to year, this is the general outline of vacation seasons in the Caribbean:

  • Holiday Season (Also known as “The Season”): December 15 to January 3
  • High Season (Also known as “Busy Season”): January 4 to April 15
  • Low Season: April 15 to December 15
  • Windspree Vacation Homes close their villas September 1 to 30 and most restaurants also close for September and October.

The Holiday and High Seasons are the two busiest times of the year in the Caribbean. The weather is phenomenal, rarely reaching below 70 degrees. Both the rainy and hurricane seasons have passed, and all of the attractions, shops, restaurants, and entertainment facilities are open for business. However, expect crowds and higher prices for just about everything, including flights and Caribbean rental villas.

During Low Season, travel and lodging rates drop. Local stores, restaurants, and attractions often offer deals and specials, allowing visitors to truly experience the islands. There are less crowds and an overall slower pace during this period. Although storms occasionally occur during the Caribbean summers, they usually pass just as quickly as they come.

Imagine a beach all to yourself, or on a trial making your own discoveries. Spend a day with that special someone alone on your on beautiful stretch of beach.

Still have more questions? Contact a friendly Windspree Vacation Homes agent today to find out when the best time to travel to the Caribbean is for you and your fellow vacationers.

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