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St. John Villa Booked? Now, How to Get Around St. John

You've booked the plane tickets, made your reservation at a gorgeous Windspree St. John's villa, and packed your bags. But in order to get the most out of your St. John vacation, you'll need to arrange transportation around the island. There are a few options for vacation goers to get around:

    • Rental car: One of the best ways to venture around St. John is by rental car. This gives you and your fellow vacationers the freedom to explore the island on your own schedule. When you reserve a stay at one of Windspree's villas, your helpful vacation agent can set you up with a rental car, offering both weekly and daily rental packages.

    • Taxi: Taxi services in Coral Bay is limited. You must reserve taxi service in advance. Tax service is available in Cruz Bay for those who cannot or do not wish to drive. Taxis can be found cruising the streets and near the ferry dock during regular hours of operation, as well as near hotels and beaches. Many of the taxis on St. John are safari style vehicles, allowing riders to get fresh air and a great view of the gorgeous island scenery. Taxis are not metered, but instead rates are regulated by the VI Taxicab Division and are charged per person based on destination. Many taxis can carry up to 26 people and stop at multiple destinations. While rates are standardized, be sure to check with your driver to agree total rate.

    • Bus: The Vitran Bus System runs from one side of St. John to the other and makes several stops and pickups throughout the day. It is very inexpensive to ride, however a frequently unreliable way to travel in St. John. The bus is not recommended to vacationers with a limited schedule. The bus route is Cruz Bay, Ferry Dock east on ROUTE 10 to 107 south to Salt Pond. The bus does not go on the North Shore Road - ROUTE 20

    • Walking: Walking is always a fun option if you don't have a far distance to travel from your villa. If you are not in great shape, we don't suggest this as your primary way of getting around due to the steep, narrow roads, and hilly terrain of the island

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