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Why Your Next Vacation Should Be in St. John

St. John, although the smallest of the US Virgin Islands, boasts many interesting and exciting features that have helped it become one of the most popular travel destinations in the Caribbean. The exclusivity of the island, which is only accessible by ferry boat, the gorgeous beaches, fun activities, dazzling scenery, and some of the most stunning private villa rentals in the Caribbean have set St. John apart from any other vacation spot.

With two-thirds of the island being the beautifully preserved US Virgin Island National Park, St. John offers a rich landscape and culture than only be experienced in person. The pristine turquoise water and fascinating underwater wildlife invite vacationers to swim, snorkel, and explore. The friendly locals will offer advice and answer questions with a warm genuine smile. After all, it’s a very important island custom to always greet people with “Good morning/afternoon/evening, how are you?”

The beaches of St. John offer exhilarating panoramic views. Trunk Bay, one of the most beautiful beaches in the world as voted by The Travel Channel, is known for its immaculate white sand, pristine water, and vibrantly colored snorkeling trail. Travelers from all over the world seek out this gorgeous oasis to relax and renew.

The most beautiful villa rentals in the Caribbean can be found in St. John, conveniently located close to all of the restaurants, bars, shopping, beaches, and outdoor activities. Rent a jeep, take a ride in a safari-style taxi cab, or go out for a stroll and explore for yourself all that St. John has to offer.

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