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St John - Budget Travel Deals

Vacation should be a time to relax and reward yourself for all the hard work you accomplish in your hectic day-to-day life. Planning and saving for a vacation, however, can often be stressful. Here at Windspree Vacation Homes, not only do we offer affordable St. John villas for rent, but we give helpful tips on where to find budget travel deals to help you get started on planning a vacation you’ll always remember.

  • Find Affordable Airfare: Checking airline prices regularly will help avoid getting stuck with pricey last minute tickets. Websites like,,, and compile several different airlines prices, as well as e-mail alerts for reduced fares. Twitter is also a great way to get alerted of travel deals, too! Jet Blue has added a direct flight from Boston to St Thomas!

  • Shop Around for St. Johns Vacation Rentals: Windspree Vacation Homes offers 31 different St. John villas for rent that are suited to your needs and your budget. Shop around to find one that’s perfect for the vacation you have in mind. Because you can entertain and cook meals for your party in our villa rentals’ fully equipped kitchens, guests staying with us often find that they actually spend less money on vacation, versus staying in a pricey hotel and eating out for every meal.

  • Start Saving in Advance: Once you decide you want to spend your vacation in St. John, start putting a little money away. Sacrifice that extra large coffee and bagel on your way to work every day, and put the money you would have used in a jar. Make small changes to your budget now, and before you know it the savings will pile up.

Be sure to check back for more budget travel deals, tips, and tricks brought to you by Windspree Vacation Homes.

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