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Testimonials for Lille Paradis - Kiddel Bay

Thank you for sharing your lil’ bit of paradise.  Having visited St. John for over 15 years we enjoyed the natural beauty and connection to nature.  We had many memorable moments including:

Watching pods of Dolphins frolic in the rolling waves at sunset.

Listening to the morning owl.

Hiking through the cactus strewn landscape and seeing crazy colored caterpillars & bright blossoms of pink.

Watching the sailboats, cruisers, cruise ships, and snorkelers out in the bay.

Thanks again!

The Kivetts , NYC , 04/2017

Another relaxing vacation at Lille Paradis. Our 13th stay here. We love the peace and quiet, watching and hearing the local birds (even the brown thrushie that poops on everything!), quiet nights spent reading, star gazing, watching the passing boat traffic. As usual the snorkeling at Kiddel Bay great; we don’t even bother to go anywhere else. We’re always amused that “Wilson” the boat bumper) is still here. We rescued Wilson at the back of Mary’s creek while fishing on one of our first visits here!  Travelling here can be a real hassle for us, but as soon as we arrive at Lille Paradis we can slip into “relaxation mode” and all the travel is worth it. Hopefully we have many more visits left in us.

Bill and Donna , Grand Junction, CO , 03/2017

We really enjoyed our stay at Lille Paradis. It had everything we needed, and offered the type of vacation we wanted… away from the grind of life in the states. We took advantage of being so close to “Off Season” it seemed like we had the whole island to ourselves. We enjoyed Salt Pond, Kiddel Bay the best! Thanks also to Windspree for making everything so easy and fun!

Rob and Julia Bocox , Katy, TX , 08/2016
  Perfect holiday for the nature lover and outdoors men and women!
Thank you, Ron and Sally for continuing your vision. We appreciate the privacy, Kiddle Bay, each adventure. We enjoyed listing the marine life – dozens and counting!, as well as the plants, trees, shrubs, flowers, vines.
I hope to return and share this world with our next generations.

Nancy & David Dean , Huron, Ohio , 08/2016

We are so lucky to have found this beautiful Lille Paradis for our first visit to St. John. What a perfect fit for us! We feel so at home among your books and affection for birding… (We particularly liked reading the handwritten logs when and where the birds were seen as we do the same at home in MD. The house and grounds and view have exceeded our expectations. We were married on Little Lamshur Bay Beach on Saturday the 4th just the two of us with a Pastor and a photographer and have had the ideal honeymoon here. The weather has been AMAZING! Our love of all things outdoors brought us here and we hope to return as long as you’ll have us.

Nicole and Gary Delise , Middletown, MD , 06/2016

We just returned home from our 11th visit to Lille Paradis!  It's always a quite and peaceful time spent there from our hectic lives and we're already looking forward to our next trip.  We enjoy the pool and quick access to the beach on a daily basis and love to watch all of the boats as they go by.  Since we eat all of our meals at the house, we also appreciate the kitchen and eating on the covered deck.  We look forward to spending many more visits to Lille Paradis and visiting with the staff at Windspree as well.  With each visit there it's like going home to visit old friends and since we've stayed at this same house over the years it feels just like home to us.

See you again next year!

Bill and Donna , 12/2015

As always, our trip to St John and Lille Paradis was wonderful. That's why, year after year, we continue to return to St. John and enjoy all that it and Lille Paradis has to offer. The peaceful and quiet surroundings of Coral Bay are so welcome in our busy lives that we anxiously await our next visit. This was our 10th year staying at Lille Paradis/ Staying at the same place each year is like coming home every time we arrive. We know the layout of the house and where everything is located and we always feel so at home there and immediately fall into the ""island time"" mode. Working with the Windspree staff is always great as well and it's nice to stop in the office to visit with them when.


We’ve been visiting St John since 2010.  We started to discover what the island has to offer at the Maho Bay Campgrounds, and then began renting homes throughout the island.  We have never rented the same home twice until Lillle Paradis.  This is our 2nd visit and we will surely return.  The house is just the right size and has everything we need to achieve real R&R!!!  This week we have watched the pond shrink to the point of 95%+ evaporation L.  The drought is certainly taking its toll on the wildlife.  The birds that frequent your home have been drinking vase water, so we set out a bowl of water and frequent visitors.  The Bannaquits have been using it as a bird bath! J  Your gardener is very sweet and working hard to keep your beautiful grounds thriving in the current conditions.  Best of luck and thanks for sharing your slice of paradis.  P.S., the pool float had a leak so we replaced it :)

Laura & Ed , Mount Vernon, NY , 06/2015

We came to relax and rest- Mission accomplished! St.John is a beautiful island and we toured it by jeep and by boat...Loved the food, the fish and the friendly islanders. Lille Paradis is a wonderful place to enjoy the harmony of Kiddle Bay. Thanks for all the memories and the tan! Peace and Love

Lori and Neil , Decatur,GA , 08/2014

My husband and I celebrated our 23rd wedding anniversary at Lille Paradis.  We were looking for a place to really get away.  We totally found it on St. John at Lille Paradis.  The house was perfect!  We couldn’t have asked for a more private location.  Just what we needed!  The beach was great!  Some of the best snorkeling we did was at Kiddel Bay.  The spiral staircase was a bit tricky but not a problem.  We did not want to leave!  The staff at Windspree also made our trip so easy!  Thank you...We would love to return!  Great time.

Paige , 07/2014

To the wonderful staff at Windspree-

 Lille Paradis was a beautiful and lovely place to stay.  We enjoyed being in a peaceful and private area with a close walk down to Kiddel Bay.  This was such a relaxing place to be but still had all of the adventure that we had hoped for!  Snorkeling in Kiddel Bay was fantastic: spotted moray eels, spiny lobster, schools of squid, hawksbill sea turtles, and tons of beautiful fishes were there for us to appreciate every day.  The hiking trails around the Salt Pond Bay area are so unique and were great to check out as well.  Thank you so much for all of your time and assistance to make this visit to St. John wonderful!

We hope to come back in a couple of years- see you then!!


Rachel and Carson , 05/2014

We had a wonderful relaxing week at Lille Paradis. The snorkeling at Kiddel Bay was great and we really enjoyed the privacy and tranquility of the back decks and jacuzzi

Bill and Beth , Jamestown,RI , 04/2014

My boyfriend and I were lucky enough to spend 2 magical weeks @ Lille Paradis. The villa is wonderful and so light, airy & breezy we hardly needed to use the air conditioning. The outdoor stone shower was fabulous as was the stone shower off the downstairs bedroom.

The pool & hot tub were a real treat and the bay & beach was right at the end of a short trail from the villa. It was a wonderful snorkeling spot- we saw tarpon, squid, countless fish and an octopus. 

In the evening we would watch the sky and listen to the birds with our delicious frozen cocktails and eat fresh caught fish we cooked up in the kitchen or on the grill. 

We can't wait to go back. This lovely little villa was the highlight of our trip!

Danielle & Ro 


Danielle & Rio , CA , 04/2014

As always, our trip to St John and Lille Paradis was wonderful.  That's why, year after year, we continue to return to your wonderful island and enjoy all that it and Lille Paradis has to offer.  The peaceful and quiet surroundings are so welcome in our busy lives that we anxiously await our next visit.  This was our 10th year staying at Lille Paradis and each time we arrive we look forward to any changes that the owners have made.  Staying at the same place each year is like coming home every time we arrive.  We know the layout of the house and where everything is located and we always feel so at home there and immediately fall into the "island time" mode.  Working with the Windspree staff is always great as well and it's nice to stop in the office to visit with you.

Donna and Bill , CO , 03/2014

We had a wonderful time for our 1st family vacation.  The house was great and gave our 11 month old a chance to explore.

Kevin, Shawn & Avery , FL , 05/2013

Loved our time here!  Coral Bay is so peaceful.  Loved all of the beaches on the island.  Really enjoyed how close Salt Pond Bay was.  The house truly feels like a little cottage by the sea.  The pool was great and my husband really enjoyed the hot tub.  Breakfasts, lunches and dinners on the decks were perfect with that incredible view.  Loved all the local restaurants (Shipwreck, Aqua Bistro & Concordia were are faves!)  We also bought fresh fish and grilled it.  Thank you for opening your home to us, we are so happy with our time here. 

Jen & Alan , MD , 04/2013

Thank you so much for sharing your home.  Lille Paradis is such a great little island house.  We came for our honeymoon and everything was perfect.  This spot is ideal!  We loved Kiddel Bay and touring the rest of the island.  We are already planning when we can come back with our children and the rest of our family.  Thank you again for giving us a vacation we will always cherish. 

Joe & Laura , NC , 03/2013

It's a long trip from Europe to get here but it's worth it!  Wonderful place to relax, hang out, swim, have cocktails and get recharged.  Thanks for letting us be here. 

Pia & Uy , Denmark , 02/2013

Spent 10 hot summer days here, explored the whole island in our sea kayaks. Great snorkelling everywhere, loved the birds, particularly the Pearly Eyed Thrasher that visits every morning.  We caught the last flight out of Newark before Hurricane Irene so we were lucky to get here.                     

Phil and Bryn , Denver, CO , 09/2012

Great time at Lille Paradis! Had fun snorkelling, exploring, and relaxing! We saw a couple of nurse sharks, rays and turtles just in Kiddel bay! We had tons of fun in the pool too. Hope to come back! Thank you.              

Geoff, Jeni, Ryan and Nickolas , Castic, CA , 07/2012

A beautiful house, everything is perfect about it. The pool and hot tub were great. Kiddel Bay was great for snorkelling, saw a turtle. Overall it was an amazing experience.  This place is so beautiful! Love it.  The beaches were amazing. Perfect temp and the water is crystal clear. So much wildlife, mongoose, deer, sea turtles, and sting ray. It’s so pretty I would love to come back.                       

Emma and Katie , Sidney, NE , 07/2012

So peaceful, so relaxing, so beautiful!!  Loved snorkelling in Kiddel Bay loved the serenity of the salt pond. St John is a great island to get away from it all. Solitude is amazing.                   

The Halls , Tuscon, AZ , 05/2012

We had a fabulous time here at Lille Paradis! This house is truly a paradise for us. The kids loved sleeping in the loft. We loved the pool and hot tub. Kiddel Bay is an amazing place to snorkel. We saw beautiful coral and rocks and lots of different fish and several large squid, which we had never seen before. We loved exploring Coral Bay and the east side of the island. We will be back next year!                     

Kevin, Jen, Myles and Max , Tampa, FL , 04/2012

Lille Paradis- best honeymoon EVER!!  Loved our little birdy in the morning and the little dog that greeted us at the end of the road. Saw plenty of deer, mongoose and SQUID! Hope to be back soon.                                                   

Bob and Kari , Sturtevant, WI , 04/2012

We had a wonderful time here at Lille Paradis.  My husband and I were married on August 6 and came here for our honeymoon.  We enjoyed the pool and visits to Maho Bay, Salt Pond Bay and Coral Bay. Tropical Storm Irene blew through bringing strong winds and rain, but we survived!  Thank you everyone who helped to make this trip so special and something we will never forget.

Tam and Dusty , 08/2011

We had a wonderful and relaxing vacation here at Lille Paradis.  We were so comfortable here.  The pool was heavenly.  The views are amazing!  We saw 2 cruise ships passing on 2 nights.  We enjoyed the bananaquits and the hummingbirds visiting the feeder. Our favourite place for dinner was Aqua Bistro and the Tourist Trap for lunch.  Loved the beach at Salt Pond Bay.  Dave from Crabby’s was helpful setting us up with snorkelling gear and a lovely trip with Captain Marie on the Serena Sea.  The peace and quiet of the villa was the perfect antidote for the stress of everyday life.

Holleston, MA , 08/2011

We had a great time at Lille Paradis.  We enjoyed watching the hummingbirds and really liked the showers.  We all really liked the walk short walk down to Kiddel Bay to snorkel.  Thanks to Judy for all her helpful hints and getting us through town.  We have 2 boys, one turned 18 here while the other is 14.  We all had a fantastic time.                

The Johnsons , 07/2011

This is our second time here and not our last!  We love it here. It has everything we are looking for in a villa.  We came here for the privacy and the walk to Kiddel  Bay.   We enjoy the pool and hot tub after a day of snorkelling and exploring.  Thank you Windspree for reserving our jeep and making our trip stress-free.  Thank you owners for maintaining the villa and keeping this paradise!


Perfect honeymoon at Lille Paradis!  Hit tons of beaches, saw tons of donkeys and had our lunch eaten by a mongoose at Leinster Bay.  Loved our dinners in Coral Bay;loved our night out in Cruz Bay, too.  Had to pry ourselves away from the pool and hot tub. Saw great things snorkelling.  Loved the house and the beautiful drive every day.  We don’t want to leave!

Brett and Maggie , Bridgeport, W. VA , 06/2011

What a wonderful and special place.  The villa is perfectly equipped with everything you could possibly want.  We celebrated my husband’s 50th birthday here -- it was the perfect way to say hello to 50!  The kids (14 and 11) loved the loft and the pool!

The Gannetts , Fort Collins, CO , 06/2011

Our visit to Lille Paradis was beyond spectacular.  We were able to visit all the North Shore beaches and a majority of the others.  Our honeymoon here was even better than we imagined because Lille Paradis provided the comforts of home in addition to gorgeous scenery.  The restaurants we enjoyed were Deli Grotto, Sweet Plantains, and Wharfside Café; however, we cooked most nights with food we bought from Lily’s Market.  We hope to return here as soon as possible and will for sure choose Lille Paradis.

Ashley and Kaleb , 05/2011

What an amazing trip!  Wasn’t quite sure what we were doing here on day 1 ("shell shocked" from the trip), however by day 2 we quickly realized we were in paradise!  Enjoyed connecting with nature, the peaceful atmosphere, and wonderful beaches! In fact, the trip was extra special as we got engaged on Francis Bay!  Enjoyed all the local restaurants.  Spent a day over at Jost Van Dyke, another wonderful day, but the beaches on St John are just as nice!  Driving seemed like quite a bit, but never a drive that we didn’t see something new!  Can’t wait to come back!

Anna and Brad , Medford, NY , 05/2011

We had a perfect stay at Lille Paradis and the memories will be with us forever. Snorkelling in Kiddel Bay with a turtle and stingray while enjoying the views was the best. Swimming in the pool and watching the sailboats go by.  Enjoying the starry nights while on the deck.  Putting the Pirate and Parrot puzzle together with the family after a beautiful day at the beach.  Enjoying the breathtaking views on Rams Head trail.  Swimming and snorkelling in Salt Pond Bay.  Taking a 3 hour tour and snorkel out of Coral Bay with Captain Marie at Crabby’s.  Feeding the birds.  Thanks!

The Utzigs , Princeton, MA , 02/2011

This was our second "land" trip to St. John  (otherwise we’ve been on a sailboat).  We loved the snorkelling and hikes to Ram Head and the Reef Bay petroglyphs.  Nice view from upper deck of St Croix and out to sea.  We recommend Aqua Bistro for dinner.  Loved the stars at night.

Concord , 01/2011

Our thanks to all in your office for a great stay at Lille Paradis. Everyone was very kind and helpful. St. John is a beautiful island and we enjoyed it very much. Thank you again

Bill Forrest , 08/2010

We really enjoyed our week stay here.  The house is awesome and very user friendly.  We went to two beaches a day snorkeling.  We loved all the beaches, restaurants and the gorgeous water.  The privacy here in unparalleled.  The pool and hot tub were a great luxury after a long day snorkeling.  We recommend taking the short trail down to Kiddle Bay and the Salt Pond--just five minutes from the backyard favorite beach, Francis Bay.  Especially if you want to see turtles.  Best food was at Uncle Joe's BBQ, if you can find it!  We ate there two nights.  Hope to be back again soon.

Dan, DJ and Linda Tivener , St. Louis, MO , 07/2010

We had a wonderful stay here at Lille Paradis.  This was our first trip to St. John we we explored almost every day.  Our first two days we stayed at Maho and we really enjoyed going to all the beaches over there.  We also explored the Annaberg Sugar Mill Ruins, then went snorkeling in Waterlemon Bay.  We saw so many things--sea turtles, 3 sting rays, starfish, barracuda, eels and a nurse shark.  We definitely recommend that snorkel!  We also took a New Horizons charter out one day to the BVI's.  It was awesome!  As far as hikes go, we loved the Brown Bay trail and the Lameshur Bay Trail to Reef Bay Traill.  The Petroglyphs were cool!  Since restaurants are expensive, we ate in a lot but did enjoy Skinny Legs, Shipwreck Landing, and Morgan's Mango.  We loved the pool here and watched movies every night.  Thanks again!

Leah and Lyle Guenther , Marieta, GA , 07/2010

We have enjoyed our wonderful visit here on St. John!  Lille Paradis has made it extra special.  It truly is Paradise.  Everything about it is a special, great provisioning, and a wonderful spot.  Thank you for sharing your slice of this wonderful island with us.  A trip to remember always.  We hope to return again and again.

Bob and Beth Jarrett , Deep River, CT , 05/2010

This is our fourth visit to St. john and Lille Paradis is by far our favorite!  You can walk to the two great snorkeling spots and it's private and quiet.  On a practical note, this house was well provisioned, with amenities and kitchen stock.  Great for us since we love to cook.  We hope to come back again next year!

Jack and Eileen , Boston, MA , 04/2010

Karen and Crew:

Belatedly, we want to thank you so very much for a wonderful celebration of our 35th wedding anniversary. The villa was outstanding and your services were the best.  We have rented vacation homes for 30 years all along the east coast, and your services were definitely far better than any.  We will be back! Thanks!

Lee & Heidi Whitmore , 03/2010

This was our third visit to Lille Paradis.  We love this house!  It is the most relaxing place...the hot tub was great to ease our weary bones after a long day of travel.  The stars that night were incredible!  Kiddle Bay is so enjoyable!  I saw a huge white spotted eager ray--the first one I have ever seen.  It was amazing!  Thank you for allowing us to stay in your St. John home.  We hope to come back in the near future!

p.s. Karen is so friendly and welcoming!

Deb and Mike Otto , Deluth, Minnesota , 02/2010

What a treasure this place is.  We have done nothing but relax and enjoy the house, beaches, and unbelievable weather we have had everyday since we arrived.  Snorkeling was fantastic, we have seen many differehnt fish. 

Jee Martin , 01/2010

We had a wonderful stay at Lille Parais--my wife, daughter and I.  We found your house very comfortable, and the views were just great!  Somje of the highlights of our visit included: 

--sunset over Kiddle Bay--ok, not spectacular, but nice

--snorkeling in Kiddle Bay--so nice to be able to walk to the beach!  We liked turtles, nurse shark and a great variety of fish!  We did not agree with a pervious writer that 5:30 was a good time, as the "no-see-ums"  are out in force at the beach

--Hummijngbirds coming to the feeder and some bananaquits as well

--Good views of the birds

--the adventure of the driveway

--Sitting on a deck reading, whether sunnny or rainy

--the showers, especially upstairs

--the pool, especially after snorkeling

--the stars--wow!  Incredible on a clear night!

Peter, Ruth and Emily Grose , Manchester, Connecticut , 01/2010

Once again, a fantastic trip! Every day was more beautiful than the day before. The pool and hot tub spectacular.  did a lot of snorkeling, swimming, BBQing, and just hanging out.  Love this place!

Bing and Lisa , 01/2010
Snorkeling: Day 1 I saw a nurse shark at 5pm. Very exciting! We also saw squid, lobsters, a turtle, a puffer fish, angel fish and so much more.
Hike to Ram Head at sunset-BREATHTAKING! Dinner at Shipwrecks. Wonderful family time. Thanks so much!
NC , 08/2009
Great Lille house! Very relaxing! My friend and I left our husbands and kids at home to have a relaxing and adventurous vacation and it definitely has been that! Thanks again!
Annette and Janette , 07/2009
We loved the villa! It had everything! The view is spectacular! We loved “our” Kiddel Bay. We never left the East side of the island. Thanks to Karen and Kay at Windspree for everything. We will definitely be back here again-we love this island and everything about it.
Angie, Joe, Trevor and Sam , 07/2009
We love Lille Paradis! We’re celebrating our tenth anniversary and are grateful to have found this paradise. Spent our first two days at Harmony Studios but had to bail early because it was so dark and dingy. Karen from Shipwreck directed us to Karen at Windspree who directed us to this slice of heaven! You’ve thought of everything-binoculars, flashlights, chairs, coolers-and the refreshing outdoor shower is fabulous. Enjoyed Kiddel, Salt Pond and Lameshur, as well as the gorgeous hike to Ram Head. Fave foods were brunch at Miss. Lucy’s, burgers at Skinny Legs, sandwiches at Tourist Trap and perfect mahi at Shipwreck. We’re kinda glad our two youngsters are waiting on us in Atlanta-otherwise we’d have no reason to leave! Can’t wait to bring them next time!
Jen and Pearsall , 06/2009
Enjoyed our stay so much! This was our first trip to St. John. We brought our son to celebrate his college graduation. Lille Paradis was perfect for us! Loved the pool, the spa, the garden shower and the decks! Snorkeling and beaches on the island are incredible! Dinner out every night—Skinny Legs, Shipwreck, Café Condordia, Aqua Bistro-FUN! Our daughter has one more year of college. Hope to return with her!
Bruce and Mary , 05/2009
We had a great vacation! Be back soon! Thanks for everything!
Barbara and Ted , 05/2009
We had an absolutely amazing trip! The pool and hot tub were great, and the snorkeling was so much fun. This house was perfect in every way. Special thanks to Karen at Windspree for being so helpful throughout our time here. Can’t wait to come back!
Brian and Jennifer , 05/2009
Mark and Patti , 04/2009
We came to St. John for our honeymoon 5 years ago-and waited too long to come back! The house, pool and beach are idyllic and the snorkeling is incredible-turtles, rays, sharks-we saw it all! We think this should become an annual tradition!
John and Tracey , 04/2009
Came to celebrate our 10yr anniversary. Had a blast and loved the house. We would come back in an instant! Hated to leave! Thanks for everything!
Choate and Darlene , 04/2009
Another great vacation thanks to both of you, Lille Paradis…and certainly a round of applause to Karen at Windspree who offers all the support one would need! When we strike it rich we’ll be back to buy you out! I love the hot tub!
Ernie and Jill , 04/2009

Lille Paradis -- exactly! Rightly named! This is our 4th stay at your lovely spot. We also recommended it to friends who stayed last winter. What a spot. My husband loves having his own "private" beach to snorkel and I love the pool after a day in the sand. We can walk to Salt Pond Bay and now there are 2 new eating spots just over the hill. Plus a great little store for last minute. Plus the new deck door! It's all good! The sun, the trade winds to keep the no-see-ums at bay. The view! How lucky we are! The air conditioning at night is a God-send and we find if we keep windows closed during the day it is less hot by night fall. Thanks for the books and cable TV. I could keep up with Gray's Anatomy and my husband kept up with the Big 4 (basketball). Keep up the good work! Stay well and enjoy your golden days here!

Now we know whey you call your place “Lille Paradis”-‘cause it certainly is! We enjoyed our vacation tremendously! Just hung out relaxing, snorkeling, barbecuing, feeding the birds, etc. Hope to come back and visit soon!
Bing, Lisa, Paul and Debbie , 02/2009
What a wonderful and peaceful family retreat we had here at Lille Paradis. We love all the different birds, bugs and fauna that we were able to see here. Love the pool. The little pathway to Kiddel Bay, and of course, Kiddel Bay. You have a lovely home-love to come back for a visit again!
Chen, Alice, Caleb and Betty , 01/2009
“An acceptable level of ecstacy” That would accurately describe our week in paradise.
CO , 10/2008
Absolutely loved it here. Kiddel Bay is the best snorkeling/scuba diving I have ever seen. I rented a tank and went out to the right, where there are some underwater caves and tunnels. I swam through a 20’ tunnel that was about 3’ feet wide. About half way through I came upon a 6-8-01’ bull shark. I about crapped my pants. Couldn’t turn around; it was too narrow. Thank God he was sleeping and just laying there as I passed him. WHEW!
All in all, a FANTASTIC stay! Thank you so much!
NC , 08/2008
How cruel we must leave. Too beautiful for words. Loved everything. Nothing like relaxing in the pool with a beer after a long day’s snorkel-it’s tough work! Nothing like sipping champagne in the hot tub under a full moon. We saw a lizard try to swim across the pool one night. We then saw a bat take said lizard for a snack. I even loved the drive in-abandoned cars, bumpy road and all. Reminded one of back home in western NC. We’re just visitors here. Unfortunately.
Alex and Maggie , NC , 05/2008
A wonderful island. Ate at all the local spots. The driveway is a real workout, not to mention the road. But worth the trip! Beach=Heaven. Skinny dipping under full moon
Back to snow in driveway
Back again! Wonderful time here! Always love it, but it just gets better and better! Thanks so much!
CA , 02/2008
A lovely oasis-peaceful, serene, private and beautiful. House had everything we needed. Full moon and a mass of stars made for beautiful nights. Much has been written before so we will simply say thank you for sharing your house with us. Many thanks
NY , 12/2007
After being married and spending 3 days at the Westin, Lille Paradis was just what we needed for our honeymoon getaway.  Our St. John favorites: Drunk Bay, Sloop Jones-amazing hand painted art and clothes-happy hour at Paradiso. What a perfect way to start our married life together-can’t wait to come back.
MO , 10/2007
Our week here was great. We love the view and the wildlife. It was great being able to walk to the beach and the pool was an amazing thing to have. We hate to leave; it has been so much fun!
Thank you so much for sharing this spectacular island home with us.
NY , 07/2007
Our first time to St. John. We usually go to mega resorts-we have loved the peace and privacy of this villa. The roads are an adventure and the beaches are spectacular! The week has gone way too fast and we don’t want to leave. Thank you for sharing your home. It’s beautiful!
IL , 07/2007
We really enjoyed this trip. All of the restaurants were fantastic. We had an awesome, fantastic, super cool time! Thanks!
CA , 04/2007
Wow! Had a great time! Looking forward to coming back!
KY , 03/2007
We have enjoyed our stay here immensely. Try baby oil to keep bugs off at sunset. Go to Jost Van Dyke, check out Soggy Dollar Bar and Foxy’s!
ME , 01/2007
We had a great time-thanks so much!! Will be back!
OH , 12/2006
Lille Paradis is a touch of heaven. We enjoyed leaving the kids behind and celebrating our 10yr anniversary in peace and solitude. Thanks for all the wonderful advice shared here. We followed most of it and were glad we did. Included in our favorite events were:
1. Star gazing from the hot tub
2. Each beach on the island was a gem
3. Meeting locals for advice
4. Crabby’s for snorkeling
5. Midday swims in the pool
6. Hummingbirds love sugar water
7. Dinners at home (love the grill)
8. Dinner out!
9. Grab the binoculars-you’ll see why people become bird watchers!
10. Open air showers
I guess the list could go on forever-I wouldn’t change a thing and I hope we can come back to enjoy it again. Thank you for sharing your beautiful home with us. We will never forget it!
Meghean and Brian , 11/2006
After trying out the coral reefs and beaches all over St. John, we’ve enjoyed snorkeling here at Kiddel Bay (dare I say) the most of any place. Keep watch for:
Sea urchins
Sunsets that’ll take your breath away
Pirate Dave (you’ll find him at the bar)
Stingray, squid, octopus and conch
Divine breezes
Invisible screen doors (Joe walked right through it yet didn’t spill his wine!)
Island Blues-fun every night, great food and music
Sweet Plaintains
Enjoy Love City Island!
MD and OR , 07/2006
Lille Paradis is a great house. A few tips from two couples that had a great time here, in no particular order:
1. Snorkel Kiddel
2. Crabby’s for water gear
3. Keep Raid at the house
4. See both, but Cinnamon over Trunk
5. Turn lights off in pool, check out view
6. Pack a cooler of beer every day-you’ll never know when you’ll need it. ($15 six pack at Cinnamon-you’ll thank us)
7. Try a painkiller (or 6)
8. Leave watch at home, shut off cell phone and forget about hour long showers (they praise water here)
9. Don’t complain just ‘cause things aren’t the same as they are at home. If you want them to be the same then stay at home!
10. Have an awesome time and take care of this house.
11. Thanks for all your help Karen
NY , 05/2006
We came here for our 10th anniversary. We loved Lille Paradis. The island, sun, breeze, beaches and of course this villa.  Just the way we wanted to spend our vacation: nice and quiet. Loved Coral Bay! Snorkeling was awesome everywhere. Saw lots of fish, sting rays, turtles, etc. Thank you Windspree-Karen, Kay, Janet and Marrie. You made this vacation unforgettable. We will come back someday!
WI , 04/2006
The views here are breathtaking. The nearby beach was incredible. I loved the pool and everything else about this place! Best vacation I’ve ever had!
MA , 03/2006
We enjoyed:
Burgers at Skinny’s
The house!
VA , 02/2006
Happy New Year! Thanks for a great week! We enjoyed the seclusion and the scenery. This is our third year here and not our last. Thanks again!
PS Perhaps it’s not the table top upstairs that leads to accidental spills…it could be clumsiness. Or attitude. Attitude IS everything!
NC , 01/2006
Wow. Maybe the last people shouldn’t have come. They sure complained A LOT for being in such a beautiful environment and comfortable house. Maybe instead of just bringing their own pillow they should have brought their whole house. We LOVED this house! Everything was perfect! Thank you!!!
VA , 01/2006
A few small touches would make things here even better: All cotton, high thread count sheets would feel a lot better on sunburns than the sandpaper polyester ones. Better grade sliding doors for a home where they get so much use. Lighting is awful-need more lamps and all should have dimmers. Add a few dollars to the rental price and supply non-commercial movie channels. Put some cushions on the chairs so as not to hurt bare thighs-better yet-get more comfortable chairs. A small extension to the driveway would be welcome. The road in is of course a problem. If the rental car agencies knew we were driving down here twice a day I bet they would forbid it. Supply a bit more toilet paper, coffee filters, ice-maybe even a bowl of fruit and some flowers on arrival. The table top on the upstairs table leads to accidental spills. I brought my own pillow so I won’t complain about yours. Ok, now I’m done with the little things, on to the big things.  It is beautiful here and we are leaving tan, rested and happy we came. The privacy, the sun, the water, the people and the restaurants were all wonderful. Thanks for being pioneers and building here! May everyone who follows have as good a time as we had!
NJ , 01/2006
Wow!  It’s been said before. But WOW! We love it here. Snorkeling, hiking, swimming, sunbathing, eating, drinking…we need another vacation to relax! It was absolutely wonderful here. Thank you so much!
SC , 07/2005
Another wonderful week on beautiful St. John. Snorkeling at Waterlemon Cay was especially beautiful. Saw 2 sea turtles; one had 2 nurse sharks on its back. Also many starfish. It’s worth the hike and the swim to the Cay! Great pool-love the “night noises”, walks and snorkeling in Kiddel Bay. Overall, serenity of this little spot is unbelievable! Loved our hike to Ram Head!
Onalie and Peter , 05/2005
Early morning rooster woke us at 6am. Great time for strong coffee to watch the sunrise over the mountain. Had some morning rains too which were quite beautiful to watch and made the air ever so sweet. The entrance road in gave us pause as we were greeted by the junked cars and junk yard dogs yapping at our tires. Of course once we saw the house, all doubt left us and we quickly settled in. Of all the islands we’ve been to, St. John has the best beaches. This time we stayed away from Trunk Bay totally. Drunk Bay was interesting and the rock people were cool. Bugs ferocious at dawn and dusk. Loft HOT to sleep in. Night sky magnificent. Loved our vacation here. Thanks for the comforts.
CA , 04/2005
1. Hike to Brown Bay with food for complete isolation and great snorkeling
2. Vie’s snack shack and swimming at Haulover bay
3. Emmaus Moravian Church-9am Sunday-a good way to interact with real West Indians in what is too often a very divided society here (sadly)
4. Getting to either Trunk or Cinnamon early so you have it all to yourself. You can have breakfast at Cinnamon too!
5. Giving hitch hikers a ride. We met the most weird and wonderful people.
6. Zozo’s in Cruz Bay-great goat and conch (not fried)
7. Watching the sunset from Francis Bay
8. Ram Head trail, also at sunset
9. Sweet Plantain’s serving West Indian cuisine-burgers are great but you can get them at home!
10. Live music at Island Blues
11. Grilling steak at Kiddel Bay and swimming in the dark with phosphorescence.
12. Buying fresh tuna and grilling it for dinner
13. Reading St. John’s People
14. One of the best rental villas on the island! Thank you thank you thank you!
Hannah and Chris , London UK , 03/2005
Our top ten: 1. Floaties/rafts from Crabby’s. 2. Garlic chicken at Vie’s 3. Francis Bay when sunny 4. Spicy wings at Miss. Lucy’s 5. Key limes from Calabash Mkt 6. Love City (and the real Love City is actually St. John) 7. Private Kiddel Bay 8. Morning skinny dips in pool 9. Red Stripe at the beach 10. LOVE, LOVE, LOVE
I love this house so much! I like the beaches here! And the stars are so beautiful and the pool is excellent! It’s the best! And the view I like a lot. P.S. This is the best house in the world! Thanks,
Sam 7 years old , NY , 12/2004
The seclusion and privacy of this house was exactly the trip we were looking for. Karen at Windspree gets a special thanks-she helped to make this trip a perfect no brainer. This trip was our first here, but will not be our last, and besides, I think we might have missed a beach or two!
NC , 06/2004
We truly loved our stay here. Everyday was full of lazy relaxation. Found a great place to eat in Cruz Bay: J J’s Texas Coast Café. Cinnamon is equal in beauty to Trunk and less crowded and free. Had a blast here!
NY , 05/2004
What an adventure! Our honeymoon and first visit to St. John was wonderful. We enjoyed the beaches and hiking and coming back to this home was a pleasurable experience. The privacy here was fun, including skinny dipping in the pool. The loft was a favorite rendezvous spot even though we are over 50.  We enjoyed cooking at home most of the time, so the grill was used frequently. We did enjoy meals at Shipwreck and Voyages as well as smoothies at Colombo’s Smoothies. Thank you for allowing us into your home.
Ken and Elaine , 03/2004
Our honeymoon was off to a great start-even with the rocky unpaved road and 40mph winds that lasted for five days. It didn’t take long to settle in, with the tranquility of the surroundings and the rum-the bumpy ride in was completely forgotten in a matter of minutes. We visited many great bays and beaches and saw some incredible things snorkeling especially in our own private bay out front. We had a great day sailing with “Long Distance” and ate many great meals. People here were so nice and friendly everywhere we went. We hope to come back someday soon.
IL , 03/2004
We arrived after leaving New England in a freezing rain storm and having the airport limo crash us head on into a telephone pole because of black ice. Luckily we were banged up little enough to make the plane and my insistence on seat belts and booster seats paid off! So what a relief/joy it was to arrive back on St. John and to find the house even better than we imagined. For first timers here I would suggest getting the book Feet Fun and Four Wheel Drive. We hadn’t discovered Francis Beach before this year and it is perfect for our four year old. We’ll be back!
NH , 02/2004
This was unbelievable…the view, the beach, the hummingbirds, the donkeys that startled my sunbathing and of course the seclusion. Everyone else…ENJOY! (How can you not?)
Heather and Butch , 02/2004
The tranquility of morning coffee overlooking the pond and bay, the three donkeys parading poolside, the hummingbirds at the feeder, the convey of stars in the evening, the Eagle’s victory over the Green Bay Packers at Skinny Legs…all these complemented our stay this week. List of excellent activities: happy hour at all of the bars on St John, Sailing on “Breath”, hiking the Reef Bay Trail from Lameshur Bay, Colombo’s Smoothie Stand, lunch at Caneel Bay, snorkel equip./water sports from Crabby’s….pack a cooler each day and keep beach chairs, towels and snorkel gear in your car at all times! The house was wonderful, peaceful and relaxing. Thanks!
John, Julia, Helene and Michael , 01/2004
We came here on our honeymoon and I can see we are not unique in choosing this place for that purpose! However we might possibly have had the best time!  We will, without a doubt be back to stay in Lille Paradis. All I want to convey is that you should never worry if you go somewhere and it’s too crowded, or too rough or too rocky. Just drive a couple miles (or less) and a new paradise will present itself. We’ll let you figure out the rest. Enjoy
Dana and Mike , 01/2004
We came here expecting to have a simple nice vacation-not the FABULOUS vacation is has been-mostly due to this wonderful house! After the first few hours of adjusting to your new environment you will wonder why you ever had to adjust at all, since it is simply PERFECTION.
WA and IL , 08/2003
Yeah, this place rocks. Quiet, peaceful, nobody around AT ALL-awesome!! We honeymooned here after getting married on busy St. Thomas. What a difference! We chilled and snorkeled at our private beach-loved it! All the beaches have something unique about them-go to them all! We sailed to the BVI’s with Peter on “Breath”-great captain. Definitely a must-do. Thanks so much!
NC , 05/2003
Best vacation by far. So peaceful. We stayed at the Westin one night for a family wedding and we couldn’t wait to get back here! This side of the island beats Cruz Bay 100%. We will definitely be back. Karen was a delight. She made everything so easy for us-thank you Karen! We will be back! Wear bug spray!
NJ , 04/2003
We truly felt like gypsies in your palace, and what a palace it is! There really is no reason to leave it except it would be a crime to not to visit Vie’s, Lameshur, Skinny Legs, etc. Went sailing with really great people: Rick and Robin on “Long Distance”-highly recommend them! Hope to return!
Bill and Dana , 02/2003
Snorkeling at Leinster. Food at Shipwreck’s. Lizards like fresh pineapple. Mongoose at Lameshur.  Bug repellent is a must. Karen Baranowski at Windspree is wonderful! Thanks for getting us to this house!
Tom and Ursula , 01/2003
We really enjoyed our stay at your beautiful home. The view is fantastic! The stars and crickets characterized our evenings which we loved to accompany with home-cooked meals in your wonderful kitchen. After staying in Cruz Bay last year, we really appreciated the more remote location and the quiet. Our recommendations: Eat ice cream often. Skinny Legs’ burgers are yummy and the ambience is fun! Cinnamon Bay is beautiful and far superior to Trunk (and it’s free). Eat in at least once and enjoy the view. Wear bug spray! Wear bug spray! Wear bug spray! Next time we come we’ll have an array of bug spray!
NY , 12/2002
We have so enjoyed your little paradise! We couldn’t get over the incredible views, the beautiful beaches and how perfectly quiet it is here. We didn’t see whales in Kiddel but we did see sharks at Lameshur.
TX , 11/2002
What a lovely house. So quiet, so private. We hope to return next summer Thank you,
AZ , 07/2002
We came here not knowing what to expect, just hoping for a little seclusion for our honeymoon. It was an excellent choice. Sure the road here is rather bumpy and we saw our share of pests, but it was all well offset by the beauty of the location and the comfort of the house-the decks, the pool, the loft, the kitchen…Thanks to Windspree for the fine suggestion-we couldn’t imagine a place offering quite the combination of solitude, comfort and affordability. It has been a fine contribution to the memories we’ll have of this time…
Demi and Rebecca , 05/2002
Now your secret is out! There is so much more to experience out here! More quiet. More stars. More wildlife. More friendly people. Thanks for sharing your lille paradis with us!
MI , 04/2002
We saw a humpback whale breaching right from our deck the first morning we were here! What a great start to the vacation! The snorkeling right here in Kiddel Bay was excellent. Miss. Lucy’s was awesome. Loved the limited access to this place Thanks!
Rick and Mary , 03/2002
Loved the privacy and seclusion of this house. Nude sunbathing was great but I burnt my buns! St. John is beautiful, each view is better than the last. Lots of wildlife. The access road to the house reminded us of the surface of Mars. We had everything we needed right here. Woke up to a swim in the pool every morning. Thanks! We love being here!
Gayle and James , 02/2002
Great house on a terrific island. Constant breezes, perfect weather, beautiful stars. We’ll be back.
GA , 01/2002
This is a charming house! We were staying in busy Cruz Bay over New Year’s and met the builders of Lille Paradis. They directed us to Karen at Windspree and we’ve been here 10 nights now. It’s been peaceful and perfect. The house was good karma. We love it.
NC , 01/2002

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