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Testimonials for Skyridge - Upper Carolina

This is truly paradise! Our family has never stayed in such a beautiful place and a unique home. Loved all the colors and neat artwork. After visiting Trunk Bay on a cruise excursion five years ago, we knew we wanted to come here and stay to spend more time on these beautiful beaches. So glad we ran into you and found out you had this awesome home here. We have made so many memories here. Loved snorkeling, Kayaking, and hiking. Didn’t make it all the way down Reef Bay Trail but maybe can do that next time. Hope to be back again one day.

The Reynolads , 04/2016

Where has the time gone? It seems like we just talked about making a list of places to see, people to visit with, restaurants to dine, etc. and we are all of a sudden packing to go homeL Homer and Linda, our dear friends, we have thoroughly enjoyed another trip to Skyridge and St. John. The snorkeling (everyday) was spectacular (3 x to Salt Pond, Haulover, Maho (a very pleasant surprise) Frances (all had great surprises. We will have fun working on hundreds of pictures and Al’s videos. Our dinners at Skinny’s and Aqua Bistro and Indigo were all so different- and so good. Today’s brunch at Concordia and of course lunch at Tourist trap didn’t disappoint. Having time to sit on the balcony and just watch the ships go by is always on our schedule. This will always go down as the BEST VACATION EVER!”

Al and Carol English , Huntsville, AL , 04/2016

Thank you both so much for sharing your beautiful home with us. This is our 1st trip to St. John and we are so happy with the choice we made. We loved how spacious and open the house is with the magnificent views and refreshing breezes. I found it so relaxing to cook up nectar every few days for the hummingbirds. The beaches here are magnificent and yesterday we had the pleasure of swimming with 3 sea turtles on Maho beach. When we first arrived I have to admit the driveway made me very nervous but after a day or so, it is now somewhat FUN! We are enjoying our last days listening to the sounds of nature. As we head back to long Island, NY we’ll see a bit of snow but know that spring is right around the corner. Thank you again.

Laurie and Alan Tickner , Long Island, NY , 03/2016

We truly enjoyed everything. Met an awesome gentleman and captain “Clark Beam” He took us out one day on his sailboat to some of the best snorkeling places we’ve ever seen.

Tracey , Huntsville, AL , 03/2016

Thank you Homer and Linda for sharing your home. It’s our first visit at Skyridge but our 7th trip to Coral Bay. We have enjoyed breakfast on the deck with the views of the boats in the strait. It’s a new perspective for us. We also enjoyed full moons most of the week. My husband, the aero-space engineer claims he knew an engineer lived here and we later found out he was right!

Barbara and Ron Houldsworth , Bow, NH , 02/2016

Thank you Homer and Linda for sharing your sweet home with us. Definitely the respite we sought. Extra special was having our son #2 child # ¾ join us. He had journeyed to space camp twice when younger-won the “right stuff” award. This connection brought him back. We hope to return, Thank you again.

William, Maureen & Matt Hollands , Roseburg, OR , 02/2016

Our 7th year at Skyridge: New this year: Paved road to Francis Bay Beach, Excellent new restaurant in Coral Bay “Indigo Brill” and a lovely new pool at Skyridge. We are always happy to be here.

Dorothy, David, Diana and Tom , Ithadca, NY , 02/2016

What a delightful way to begin 2016 at your lovely home-an island paradise. We loved the views, the foliage, the hummingbirds, the cats and so much more. We’ve always favored this area of the island and have stayed in the upper Carolina area several times. (This is our 13th trip to STJ since the mid 90’s) Coincidentally, it is the 2nd house we’ve rented from a literary figure. We love the Coral Bay area for access to Francis Bay and other Northshore Beaches, and such favorite other stops as Vie’s Beach and of course, Skinny Legs, ”a pretty OK place.” Thanks again for having such a beautiful place and for making it available. My wife and children and grandchildren have loved it!

Jack Garner , Rochester, NY , 01/2016

We visited Skyridge from July 18th thru July 25th. It was perfect for us. We had a large group of nine, ranging from age 10 to age 80, so the layout with two floors worked very well. We could be together as a family, or we could scatter out for more individual time. We cooked in 3 nights and had a game night – all of us gathered around the big dining room table. We could send the younger kids downstairs to watch TV while the rest of us hung out on the deck to watch the birds, the ever changing view and enjoy the wonderful breezes – in the whole week the upstairs TV was never turned on. Loved the outdoor shower! Having WIFI was great, and we never had a problem with AT&T cell phones. The pool got plenty of use by all of us! We had adult drinks with the key limes from the property. The interesting driveway was quickly mastered as was driving on the “wrong” side of the road. The steep, winding roads were an eye-opener - count on a 20-30 minute drive to get anywhere. We visited Lameshur Bay to snorkel, dive and enjoy the beautiful beach; Waterlemon Cay to snorkel, and Trunk Bay for our daughter’s wedding. We chartered “Born to Rhumb” and highly recommend them!

During our trip planning (and even during our time at Skyridge), Kay from Windspree was very helpful, and Judy did a great job of greeting us, showing us Skyridge and giving us very good instructions on where to shop and such. Skyridge had everything we needed – I hope we can go back again. Thank you!

Kay Corder , Alabama , 07/2015

Linda and Homer, Thank you so so much for letting us stay here for our wedding trip!! It was absolutely perfect, and I truly can’t thank you enough for your generous gift. Although we did enjoy a few meals out, our favorites were when we stayed in. For anyone wanting a wedding, Stacey at Ceremonies ST. John was fantastic. She also sent us to Zozo’s at Caneel Bay after the wedding. Although it was pricey, it was the best meal I had here. North shore deli at Mongoose Junction also awesome (I recommend the Pirate Piggy) mark and I have already discussed a return trip for an anniversary!

“Today is our last day in paradise. As Kellie said, it was perfect. With 9 people here we could come together as a family and then could spread out when we needed to. Kellie and Whitney did most of the driving and quickly mastered the slightly steep driveway and the art of backing two jeeps into the driveway. We spent one day at lamshur - our 3 divers rented tanks and got their diving fix-others floated, sunned and snorkeled around the beach…including Mom! She could mark snorkeling off her bucket list. Also snorkeled Watermelon-quite the hike, but they enjoyed it. The wedding at Trunk Bay was beautiful! The 2 girls loved the pool, others walked the property. Carleigh found a deer antler. We had fresh key lime juice in a few of our drinks and Mark tried a fresh coconut. As we leave, I hope the rains come soon. When the cactus are shriveled and dying, you know it hasn’t rained in a while. We went on a cruise with “Born to Rhumb” with Captain Shane and Katie. Had the best day! Went to the Baths, Soggy Dollar and a couple of snorkel stops. Linda and Homer, Thank you for sharing your home. It definitely gave us a trip we will always remember.”

Kay, Don, Whitney Corder, Nancy and Cindy Webb, Kelli and Mark , Huntsville, AL , 07/2015

We visited Skyridge from July 18th thru July 25th. It was perfect for us. We had a large group of nine, ranging from age 10 to age 80, so the layout with two floors worked very well. We could be together as a family, or we could scatter out for more individual time. We cooked in 3 nights and had a game night – all of us gathered around the big dining room table. We could send the younger kids downstairs to watch TV while the rest of us hung out on the deck to watch the birds, the ever changing view and enjoy the wonderful breezes – in the whole week the upstairs TV was never turned on. Loved the outdoor shower! Having WIFI was great, and we never had a problem with AT&T cell phones. The pool got plenty of use by all of us! We had adult drinks with the key limes from the property. The interesting driveway was quickly mastered as was driving on the “wrong” side of the road. The steep, winding roads were an eye-opener - count on a 20-30 minute drive to get anywhere. We visited Lameshur Bay to snorkel, dive and enjoy the beautiful beach; Waterlemon Cay to snorkel, and Trunk Bay for our daughter’s wedding. We chartered “Born to Rhumb” and highly recommend them!

During our trip planning (and even during our time at Skyridge), Kay from Windspree was very helpful, and Judy did a great job of greeting us, showing us Skyridge and giving us very good instructions on where to shop and such. Skyridge had everything we needed – I hope we can go back again.


The waiter and waitresses and staff over the top AWESOME everywhere! Pickles has the best breakfast and baked goods (macaroons and banana bread)

Concordia Café has the best dinners for your $- worth the short drive! We used the grill several times for delicious meals. Homer has everything you could possibly need-zester, skewers-just search. Things we saw: All kinds of coral, more fish than we can list, sea turtles/stingrays, immature squids-Fantastic.

Breeze at the house was so pleasant, no need for A/C, Cooler than AL the 1st week in July!

Gary & Helen , HSV, AL , 07/2015

Random notes on a perfect vacation:

We really should have video taped the Great Donkey Roundup of 2015 ( We saved most of your plants, Linda!)

Homer, suggested title of your next book: “Breakfast with Bananaquits” they are a stunning addition to that breathtaking view.

Next visit, don’t show the child the conch that was modified to be a trumpet. We hid it here somewhere so child couldn’t find it!

Outdoor showers should be a mandatory addition to every home to be built forever more.

Cherish the memories of snorkeling at Haulover beach and eating at Concordia.

Get the recipe for the Oreo and Thin Mint Cocktails at “Drink” in Cruz Bay”

Lance and Marla , San Jose, CA , 07/2015

Thank you for the wonderful stay at Skyridge. We started coming to this beautiful home in 1995 and then purchased the lot next door! So we are neighbors. We absolutely loved all the new furnishings and it is always fabulous to sit out on the deck with the Bannanaquits and hummingbirds! We look forward to coming back to Skyridge and hopefully it won’t be 16 years before we return. Thank you so much for sharing your lovely home in paradise, it was a true blessing to be able to stay here again. Warmest regards.

Mickey Robertaccio , 05/2015

We had a wonderful time in St. John and Skyridge was the perfect place to stay! We snorkeled everyday-Waterlemon Caye was amazing!! Skinny Legs and Pickles were great. Driving around the island in a jeep was so fun! Saw sea turtles at Francis Bay, spotted Eagle Ray at Waterlemon, Baracuda at Hawksnest. Fantastic! We will cherish the memories. Love Skyridge  and Love St. John

Jeanne ,Donna, Jacquelle , 05/2015

Two weeks –Too short. We’ve slept around St. John (so to speak) but we keep coming back to Skyridge. Night or Day best view and I enjoyed using a marine traffic app to keep track of who was cruising into Soper’s Hole and Roadtown. Best Beach? Like them all. Depends on the wind mostly, but we had a very good snorkel out to Donkey Bight ( And Beyond) Thanks for the tip AL! Best food- Probably Aqua Bistro, tasty but pricey but what isn’t? We met Al and Carol English and had a good dinner with them at Skinny’s (Thanks again Al) Keeping the hummers fed giving the sugar addicts their daily fix and saying “Hi” to batman (He seems less cautious this year) were all good. Hoping to get back next year-soon come.

Jim and Carol Norton , Tolland, CT , 03/2015

What an amazing trip, the house is perfect-so comfortable and the views are incredible.

Some of our favorite things:

Beaches: Salomon, Oppenheimer and Hansen, Oh and of course Maho!

Activities: Sea glass searches, snorkel/Kayak in Hurricane Hole (with Arawak Expeditions-Awesome day!)

And of course snorkeling and yoga at Concordia.

Restaurants: Miss Lucy’s (Brunch and Dinner), Aqua Bistro, La Tapa ( Our Fave), Cruz Bay Landing (Kids Fave), Skinny Legs. We love drinking coffee/eating breakfast on the deck watching the birds, showers outside and going to bed early. Thank you for sharing your home. 

Katie’s favorite part was when we found turtles and stingrays. I really liked when we went kayaking and snorkeled in hurricane hole. We saw an octopus that was holding a really pretty seashell. We also saw a pufferfish and an Angel fish. This was all in one snorkel trip!!!For my own opinion the pool was the best thing in this house, the deck was second. We saw so many turtles and stingrays. I was really interested in the brittle sea star! This was one of the best trips of my life.  Katie age 8.

The Doughertys , Wayne, PA , 03/2015

Our 6th year at Skyridge. New this year Puerto Rican Screech owl, heard several times at dawn and dusk ( 3 individual birds) Caribbean Oasis for abundant inexpensive take out (menu is posted online everyday shortly afternoon-best to call ahead to order. Late day swims at Cinnamon, when the beach is almost empty. Always love coming here, hate to leave.

Dorothy and David, Diana and Tom , Ithaca & NYC, NY , 02/2015

Lovely house, weather and with family. There is never a bad day on St. John!”

The Haygood’s, The Blackstock’s, The Short’s and the Wilson’s     March 6, 2014

“We had a fabulous time. The house was perfect and the weather spectacular. We can’t wait to come again.

The Groves , Leminster, MA , 12/2014

Skyridge was great!  We had 4 couples on our trip and Skyridge was perfect for us.  The views are amazing and the breezes coming up the hill made it very pleasant.  WIth quick access to either the north shore beaches or Coral Bay, this is a very convenient location.

The Haygoods, Shorts, Wilsons, & Blackstocks , 12/2014

Thanks again Homer and Linda for a wonderful stay in your beautiful home. It was even more special this time to come here with our kids (grown) What a great feat to get all of us here from all over,but we did it! We can't remember when the last time we spent a week together. Loved snorkeling at Maho,Francis,Haulover,Lameshur and Salt Pond. Fun playing cards and scabble-disconnecting from devices!

Highlights were:

Meeting Ziggy Hartness,the pig and attending his 4th B'day party at the Beach Bar. Meals at Aqua Bistro were the best ever! Family Portraits by Lindsey Vann at Maho Beach. All in All, great family vacation,great weather,great memories made.

Beth,Keith,Jason,Lidsey and Chelsea , Arlington,VA,Greensboro,NC,and Lake Villa,IN , 07/2014

Thank you for the beautiful villa. We had a wonderful stay here. The view was amazing and the binoculars were great for bird watching. The pool was so fun. Everyone here in St.John was so nice,someone offered us some fruits that looked like dragon-eye. The "Tourist Trap" restaurant was very good.

Lee Family , 07/2014

My memories will be full of the view that I can not get enough of, the sun so soft upon my back, the breeze that plays on my body like cool butterflies, the lack of humidity,the beauty of the plants and the knowledge of their defences (look don't touch!), the wild life songs that sang me to sleep. but mostly the security and love I felt being among the family. I enjoyed the outdoor shower!!!

Nice gardener,Cleaned the pool!

Connie , 05/2014

First time on Paddle-board,Great Fun! Turning around against the Cinnamon Bay current not so easy. Did ok on knees until metal joints became irritated. Tried standing up,wiped out,exciting!

What I will remember:

Bird watching while bathing

Best Bushwacker on the island at Miss Lucy's,Jazz brunch and baby goats strolling through the tables were a bonus.

Donkeys,goats,and chickens around every corner giving new meaning to Free-Range! Everyone should be so lucky!

Tourists on buses marching like ants into Trunk Bay. Glad they didnt know to be the first on the beach at 7:30 like us!

Communing with sea turtles in Maho Bay,Empty beaches at Salt Pond and Waterlemon

Mr. Romney taking the time from his gadening to name the beautiful plants in the garden;tasty cocktails and snacks from the freshly picked limes and papaya.

natures A/C (Island Breeze) instead of the manmade version.

Best Cuisine on the Island at Concordia (don't feed the feral cats and keep a can of bug spray at the table for your feet) Chef is from one of my favorite NOLA  restaurants Conchon- and does a wonderful job.

Best Bar food goes to Skinny Legs. Different activity every night.Get there before sunset and play a round of horseshoes.

Enjoyed the Kayak eco-tour,but was surprised to learn that most of the plants on island are out to get me.

The reverend Capt.Phil Chalker of the Wayward Sailor (yes he is ordained and does weddings and burials at sea) Not a first class operation,but a first class experience. Avoid the crowds,sail with him.

Eating and sitting around the table talking "remember the time.." stories while swatting skeeters.The skeeter zapper. Best invention since the yellow post it note. Even the drivers at the cab stands use them.

Copies of Homer's books that he personalized for us. We passed them around,was glad to learn he's an engineering geek like us.

All in All, the trip of a lifetime,with the boys graduating,this may be the last family trip with all of us together.If so, Im glad this was it.

Maryanne and Ben , New Orleans,LA , 05/2014

Dear Windspree (especially Kay),

Our stay was fantastic. All the comments we read on websites beforehand were spot-on. The house was very well prepared for our arrival - i.e., your maid did a great job on it. Scenery is outstanding, great views. Kay was really helpful in making arrangements, answering questions, and explaining what to expect, very professional. 


Most of our pictures only duplicate views already posted on your website. But one afternoon, from the deck we saw the pictured  Coast Guard ship sailing through the channel.



Gene and Mary Ann , 05/2014

Once again, our vacation at Skyridge is winding down. We leave with many, many pictures and memories. First 2 days on the water and snorkeling and visiting (can you say Painkilllers?) the BVI's aboard a charter from Ocean Runners (Captain Pogan was loads of fun) Sunday, we went fishing aboard the Bad Kitty and came home with more tuna than we could have imagined.Just note, The captains license is for 6 passengers-No more....or your extra friend will have to spend the "Voyage" at the Westin-Not too shabby was it Linda?
The rest of out time was spent thouroughly enjoying our time spent with Homer and Linda watching the beautiful boats in the channel,snorkeling at out favorite places and relaxing with our "Island friends".

It was our first time to hike Rams head -What an amazing view-cooling off with a snorkel at blue cobblestone and hiking back to the car.Finished with lunch at Tourist Trap-Awesome! Our dinners at Caneel and Concordia were great, but the evenings spent at Skyridge playing games were most enjoyable. Thank you to our dear friends Homer and Linda, for welcoming us, once again, into your home. 

Al and Carol , Huntsville,AL , 04/2014

Thank you for sharing your home with us.Your home, beautiful lanscapes, views, and beaches were amazing. This was our first time to St.John, but it will not be our last. We had wonderful weather and awesome snorkel trips to several bays on the island. Your home is perfect. We had all that we needed. Loved the views,decktime and stars at night.

Chris,Cristin,Meredith and Caty , Acworth,GA , 03/2014

Another wonderful week on St.John. So Glad we met Homer and Linda on our last trip. Thank you for sharing your house,it's a wonderful home. We loved the view,watching rain storms come and pass us by was fun. Watching the birds wes a treat, those hummers are ferocious! Great snorkeling especially at Salt Pond and the Indians. We saw our first shark snorkeling on this trip,a nurse and a lemon-Very exciting. Great week!

Cheri,Bill,Joanna and Bethany , 03/2014

Thank you for sharing your beautiful island home with us. We had a wonderful time.Your landscaping is gorgeous-we can see the hard work and attention to detail. We loved the limes form the Lime tree-so fragrant and tasteful. Our favorite part was the view and beginning our mornings with coffee while watching the birds-so priceless! We saw lots of wildlife-which we loved,enjoyed hiking and the beaches. We hope to return soon. Tell Homer to continue writing,he has a gift and inspires so many! Maybe something about the islands,ruins, and of course the stars! I enjoyed the telescope.

PS We loved the kitties,we saw at least 3 different ones eating the feed you supply,what a kind heart you have.

Blessings and Happiness!

Jim,Betty,Victoria and Michael , Beech Mountain,NC , 03/2014

Skyridge was great!  We had 4 couples on our trip and Skyridge was perfect for us.  The views are amazing and the breezes coming up the hill made it very pleasant.  WIth quick access to either the north shore beaches or Coral Bay, this is a very convenient location.

H,S,W,B , 03/2014

Thank you again for sharing your wonderful Skyridge with us.  We were so suprised to find champagne, a gift certificate to Skinny's and a wonderful card from our children to mark our 30th wedding anniversay!  We know Windspree had to of helped with the suprise, so thank you! 

The week flew by!  Haulover was our favorite spot for this trip, too many people at the other beaches.  We are selfish and enjoyed the seclusion of Haulover and Lameshur.  We saw all of the sea creatures we longed to see since our last visit - a 7ft nurse shark on the move at Haulover scared the $%^@ out of me.  So appreciated picking limes and relaxing at the house, enjoying the beautiful foliage.  The weather was perfect and we look forward to our next visit. 

Beth & Keith , IL , 08/2013

This was our second stay at Skyridge and I thought perhaps I had romanticized my memories from the first visit but soon discovered I had not.  This was a wonderful place; full of relaxation and adventure with many characters to meet along the way.  I particularly love the wildlife you meet at every turn (literally).  We had a great time, great food and great company.

Lucy & Rick , AL , 06/2013

Another amazing visit to Skyridge after 11 years.  Brought our 8 year old daughter and we all had a wonderful time.  There is no place like St. John to escape and unwind.

The Long Family , London, UK , 04/2013

We have stayed in many villas in different settings around the island and I have to say that your view is my favorite.  We also love the BVI's and the view across the channel is priceless. 

Best day?  With our old friend Truman on Fly Away Charters.  His trips through the BVI are always highlights.  Thank you for the memories and beautiful villa. 

The Pryors , VA , 03/2013

Thanks for another wonderful week at Skyridge.  As beautiful as ever with one adventure after another.  Your gracious hospitality is defintely not taken for granted.

Dave , 02/2013

Our 4th winter visit to Skyridge.  Somehow, everything seemed more beautiful than ever - the view, the home, the beaches. 

Tom & Diane , Ithaca, NY , 02/2013

Morning hammock time, the bay is calm and serene.  We reflect on our past week of absolute bliss.  The banaquits even seem to linger a little longer at their perch and watch, it seems like they know it is our last day.  We had a spendid day yesterday, snorkeling, swimming and soaking in the sun at Salt Pond and almost missed our scheduled sunset sail when we lingered at the beach too long.  Fortunately, we had mastered Centerline Rd. by then and got to town just in time!  The picture of two old women, still in their beach attire, layers of sunscreen, sand and salt in their hair, running full speed in flip flops to catch the sail, had to be amusing.  But it's easy to get into island time!

We so enjoyed the comfort of Skyridge and the views in all directions.  thank you so much, the home is well supplied.  We were so cozy and comfortable enjoying reading time and some good movies.  We devoured all the reading material about St. John.  Wonderful place.

Sherman & Connie , Alabama , 01/2013

We've been coming to Coral Bay for decades and really enjoyed this stay at Skyridge - a lovely home.  We were happy to see the spirit of Skinny Leg's unchanged despite the change of ownership.  Our best meals were home cooked with family and Josephine's greens are wonderful.

A great place to ring in the New Year!

The Dolsimer Family , NYC , 01/2013

What an amazing vacation!  As a family of 7 this house was more than we expected.  The bedrooms and living space was perfect for entertaining our extended family while visiting for the week.  Reading in the hammock with the view of the ocean was outstanding.  This kitchen was perfect for our head chef to cook up a storm!  Thank you for all the books to read about the island, our boat adventure to Jost Van Dyke was amazing!  Thank you for the amazing stay!  Beautiful views will not be forgotten! 

The Shaw’s and The Godowski’s , Hampstead, NH , 12/2012

Although we had been to this house twice before, it was not your home.  We fell in love with the views and were mesmerized day and night by at sunrise, the change in the sky and the boats in the channel. The decorative changes you have made greatly enhance the beauty and we are grateful for another 2 weeks in paradise.  Our best times were on the deck with binoculars, cocktails, music and the laughter and love of old friends. Thank you for sharing.

Joe and Laurel , Ridgefield, CT , 08/2012

Well once again it is time to go.  We had a wonderful trip.  Our daughter (8yrs old) is starting to become a fish; she was able to snorkel with us in the deeper water and faster currents.  It has been a pleasure watching her grow into a St John lover.  I think this is our 6th or 7th visit to Skyridge.  Homer and Linda are great people, and we appreciate everything they do, it is always great.                                                                                                                

Kurtis, Heidi and Maggie , Dubois, WY , 05/2012

We have been checking the Skyridge webcam regularly in anticipation of our trip.  We all enjoyed our stay at Skyridge immensely.  Never get tired of the views.  The breezes are wonderful.   We snorkelled every day, have never snorkelled before and have never been anywhere tropical.  Wow!!  I don’t think we could ever tire of snorkelling.  Loved Waterlemon Cay the best! We loved our time at Skyridge and St John, Thanks for the memories.

Greg and Laura , Coltsneck, NJ , 04/2012

What can I say that hasn’t already been said in this guestbook?  Well….in 2010 my sister’s family took my daughter on their family vacation to St John and spent a week at your home.  Their account appears on some earlier pages in this book and we’ve heard them recount those St John stories numerous times at family gathering over the last 2 years.  The high praise of Skyridge and St John, sealed the deal, and we agreed both our families would go, as Skyridge could easily accommodate us.  Now let me say that after 2 years of “hype” about Skyridge and St John, your island home had a lot to live up to.  Now after 10 glorious days here Skyridge more than lives up to its billing!  Thanks for the memories!                                                                                                            

The Karch’s and The Kloza’s , Sugarcreek, MO , 04/2012

We arrived on the day the 4 + month drought ended, but the rains hardly dampened our spirits.  The first few days we relaxed in the house, reading books and watching movies.  Not such a bad spot to watch the clouds and rain pass over the house.  When the rain passed, the sun appeared and the hummingbirds and bannaquit returned, we weren’t so rushed to leave the porch and hammocks.  We eventually made it out to our favourite St John beaches. We ate in most nights, enjoying having so many porches to eat on and loving the pass through window from the kitchen.  Thank you for sharing this heavenly place with us.  We enjoyed reading your memoir and are thankful your dream came true!

Andrew, Allegra, Nicolas and Zoe , Fortworth, TX , 03/2012

We were here celebrating our 25th anniversary with a dear friend.  It had been 30 years since I was on the island of St John, coming in on a cruise ship.  The weather was perfect, Skyridge is beautiful.  Wish we could have stayed longer, so much to do on this little island.  We will definitely come back; you have a very special home.                                                                                           

Billie and Mark , Tolland, CT , 03/2012

Another wonderful week at Skyridge went by way too fast.  We loved the new tile shower tiles and uber binoculars!  Went to Hawknest for the first time! Plants here are gorgeous!  Thanks so much! Hope to see you next year.

Beth and Keith , Mickleton, NJ , 11/2011

Just what the doctor ordered.  Your house is fantastic, the island truly a paradise, and the slow pace of life here a blessing.  We saw many great sites, drove all around as far as possible and snorkelled some nice areas.  Thanks again for sharing your home with us.

Miles and Tammy , Vancouver, WA , 07/2011

We had such an amazing week here at Skyridge, thoroughly enjoyable.  Everything (from the décor, to the spectacular views, to the pool) was amazing.  We definitely hope and plan on coming back for another fabulous week here.  We had an unbelievable time and staying here at Skyridge made the experience that much better.  Thank you Homer and Linda for a beautiful home and letting us share it!  We will be back!

Beth, Jim, Alicia , Ridgefield, CT , 04/2011

This is a wonderful, comfortable home with the most amazing views of Tortola. It was the perfect house for the four of us, and exceeded all of our expectations. We had previously stayed in a nearby home which was more expensive, and this was a better house. The location is great - close to Maho and Cinnamon Bay and also easy to get to Salt Pond. Like others we ate most of our meals at home - it was so peaceful and cool in the house (but we did have great meals at Lucy's for brunch and Skinny Legs). The only two things I would point out is that it only has outdoor showers (though connected to the bathroom, so it's really semi-outdoors). I thought I was going to hate that, but it turned out nice to have great views while showering! Also, the driveway is extremely steep -- steeper than other driveways on the island. We were fine, but don't even think about going up without 4WD. It was wonderful and we hope to return again!

Hurson , 04/2011

We had a fantastic vacation here, what a place!  Skyridge has everything we could want or need, particularly the hammock, hammock chair, outdoor showers and the absolutely breathtaking views.  Thanks so much for sharing it with us.  

The Lesemann Family , Charlotte, VA , 04/2011

House looks great!  We have different people with us this year, and they loved the house.  New maintenance company does a nice job, pool looks great, and nice new landscaping too!  Love the new binoculars!  Take care till next time!

Sue and Rich , 03/2011

We had a great vacation and loved the house and amazing view of Tortola.  The books were really helpful to plan our day. We loved the house and the driveway.   Thanks!

Megan, Janet, Fre, Brian, Caroline , 03/2011

We appreciated the new gate and the century plant behind the house; it grew several feet while we were here. It will be hard not to watch the skycam when we are back in the Northeastern winter.  We hope to return again next year.

Dorothy, David, Diana, Tom , New York , 01/2011

We’re a family group that vacations together every year, often on St. John.  So we already had favorite beaches, and favorite restaurants.  Our stay at wonderful Skyridge added a whole new group of things to enjoy.  We loved the views and the comfort of the house.  The outdoor showers.  Breakfast with the bannaquits.  We found a great yoga instructor- Yoga Beth who gave us group lessons beside the pool!  And although some of us were pretty impressed with the driveway, one member of our group had to bike up Bordeaux Mountain each morning for some real exercise!  We cooked many nights.  Another discovery was the deer with the huge wonderful antlers who came, perhaps as an advance scout for Donner and Blitzen.  Our second night here there was a lunar eclipse, so “October Sky” thoughts were mingled with thoughts of those of our “December Sky,” as we stood on the porch at 3am (that never fails to feel like magic).  Did we enjoy our stay just a little bit more knowing there was a huge blizzard back home? Maybe, but even without that, it was a lovely time in your very delightful house.  Thank You.


Another wonderful week at Skyridge, thank you!  We hate to leave, as usual.  Wonderful beach weather, one day and night of rain.  We never tire of the view from Skyridge.  Thank you for the Wi-Fi and new TV!

Joan and Jerry , Blacksburg, VA , 12/2010

Hard to believe our week is over!  Everything on St. John is incredible--every meal, beach, sunset.  it is a piece of heaven.  Our daughters loved the donkeys!  We hope this paradise can become an annual family trip for us.  As our girls said to me, these are "memories to last a lifetime".  Thank you!

Wrights , AL , 07/2010

We so much enjoyed our stay at your Skyridge!  The beautiful view, the bananaquits, the refreshing pool, and the adventurous driveway!  We enjoyed snorkeling at Salt Pond, Francis and Maho, as well as a hike into Waterlemon.  And the outdoor showers were a big hit!  Wish we had more time... but hopefully we can return and explore more of this special island!  

Kings , NC , 04/2010

Thank you for the use of your beautiful villa.  This was our first trip to St. John.  It exceeded our expectations.  The villa is perfect.  All the comforts of home and the flora, birds and breezes are terrific.  The driveway--well it takes some getting used to.  We hope to visit this island again and would hope to stay at Skyridge.  Did snorkeling which was great and a day trip to Jost to see Foxy and the Soggy Dollar.  Each beach we visited was great.  one of my favorites was Vie's on the East End.  Also loved Jumbie, Hawksnest, Trunk and today our last day we are going to Francis and Honeymoon.  Thanks again for sharing your lovely villa!

Karch Family , NJ , 04/2010

This is trip #3 to Skyridge and it just keeps getting better.  We arrived to a full moon on a night that left us breathless.  Each morning and evening is priceless and we savored our time in paradise.  A small thanks to all those who contribute to our happiness on the island. 

Rick , 03/2010

Thanks for letting us stay at your wonderful home.  We were here for my brother's wedding and had such a good time.  We loved everything about the house, just the three of us in such a big house was great.  View WOW.  The weather was fantastic, could not have asked for a better six days.l  Enjoyed everything about the island.  This was our second time to visit the island.  We will be back!

Padillas and Nelsons , NM , 02/2010

Two wonderful weeks.  The house is gorgeous, the views fantastic.  We lived among birds and fish in the water.  Our favorite St. John beaches are all nearby--Maho, Francis, Waterlemon, Salt Pond, and also our favorite restaurant--Concordia.  The driveway, which belongs in an amusement park, because less scary after awhile and everything else was perfect. 

Mermins , NY , 02/2010

After months of planning, plotting and anticipation, our week at Skyridge has come...and gone!  What a great time we have had.  The company was superb!  Carnival was a blast--what a great way to start our week to get the full local flavor (costumes and local drink).  Your home is fabulous and we can't thank you enough for sharing with us.  Sitting on the deck in the evening with an adult beverage and fresh picked limes, watching the hummingbirds and bananaquits, enjoying the view and friends was the highlight.  Thanks again.

Wilsons , AL , 07/2009

WOW, WOW, WOW!  Thank you so much for sharing your lovely home with us.  The views on all sides were tremendous.  The "shower overlooking the sea" was just a triple bonus.  As with your home, the grounds and vegetation were spectacular.  A lot of love and care evident around here.  We especially enjoyed fresh limes with our run and coke!  Skyridge--what a great name to describe a truly memorable home and vacation.

Himplers , NY , 04/2009

We enjoyed a much needed Spring Break vacation at Skyridge.  We enjoyed early morning breakfast overlooking the mountains and late afternoons on the deck looking out on the islands.  This was our third trip to St. John and we feel like we're becoming regulars.  Good snorkeling this week--very large tarpon at Salt Pond and several barracuda, including a big scary one at Francis.  Skyridge was perfect for the three of us.  We were very comfortable here.  Thank you so much.

Murrays , 04/2009

Our first visit to St. John and Skyridge since 2003 did not disappoint.  There is simply no better view on Planet Earth!  Thanks for sharing your lovely home again.

Fitzpatrick , CT , 03/2009

Thank you Skyridge and St. John!  It was a wonderful week of perfect weather, perfect snorkeling and perfect fun.  It was great getting together with old friends.

Karren , 02/2009

We are at the end of a wonderful week at Skyridge and St. john.  As before, we hate to leave.  We rented snorkel equipment from Crabby's and went to the beach each day.  Thank you.  Now it's back to the real world--alas.

Allens , VA , 12/2008

We're back celebrating our 25th wedding anniversary here and couldn't have picked a better house or island!  Love the new tile and beautiful bed.  Many firsts (after 8 years coming, still very exciting!) Saw a baby octopus at Lameshur, moray eel, trumpetfish, best coral at Haulover, turtles at Maho and Francis.  We have enjoyed the evolution of the driveway gate over the last five years.  Remember sending our son out to slide down the driveway and lift the orange plastic fence away!  So enjoyed the new plants and clippings.  Have a great holiday season, and thanks again!

Beth and Keith , NJ , 11/2008

Gotta love the driveway!  Thank you for sharing your lovely home with us.  As a party of 7, there was plenty of room for everyone.  We ate out every meal (we were on vacation!)  We went to all our favorite beaches...

Mills , VA , 06/2008

Left Dulles en route to paradise St. John.  Having spent four hours here about 12 years ago (from a cruise ship) we knew we were visiting a special place.  Our friends asked us to join them on vacation.  And what a vacation!  We snorkeled every day at a different beach, drove the roads touring the island, ate out every meal and crashed every night.  We also took a water trip to Virgin Gorda, ate lunch at Pusser's on Marina Cay, snorkeled and circumnavigated Tortola, winding up the trip to Jost van Dyke at Soggy Dollar before heading back to Cruz Bay.  And Skyridge--it's one of the nicest places we've stayed (we've traveled to many faraway resorts), the views are beautiful, the villa well designed, the weather just right, and the people are so friendly and helpful.  Thanks for letting us use your special place in paradise.

Askews , VA , 06/2008

This vacation was so awesome.  Thanks so much for letting us use your house.  The pool was nice and the hammock got a lot of use.  The smoothie place down the road was mad good and all the fresh fruits!  We also went on an all day snorkel trip out on the boat and saw so much stuff like sea turtles, starfish, angelfish, coral, pufferfish, and conch shells.  The beaches were all great with lots of sun.  My favorite was Vie's beach.  it had a snack bar, shells on the beach, clear water and was empty.  This was really one of the best vacations ever.  Thank you so much for letting us use your house.

Francesca Braden and Katrina Clark , Danbury, CT , 04/2008

Thanks for the use of your home as we enjoyed a week of relaxation, sun and beaches.  Besides one day of heavy rain, we were blessed with mostly sunny weather and beautiful views, esp from Skyridge.  We hit the restaurant scene around Coral Bay.  We spent time at several beaches:  Maho, Trunk Bay and Vies on the East End.  Snorkel equipment from Crabby's worked out very well.  Highlight was a day at sea with Long Distance sailboat  run by Rick and Robin Gallup.  

Bradens , CT , 04/2008

I'm sitting on the front deck, looking out at the ocean and have found it hard to take my eyes off of the beauty that surrounds me long enough to write this entry.  St. john is restorative to one's mind, body and soul.  It is always what we need and the island entices us back each year.  Skyridge was so amazing.  better than expected; the photos online didn't do it justice!  Maggie, our daughter, loved the house as much as we did.  We spent most of our time exploring and soaking in the rays on a different beach each day.  Maggie learned to snorkel and delighted in finding many treasures underwater.  We discovered Caneel Bay has a wonderful lunch buffet and the beach there was one of our favorites.  St. John holds a special place in our hearts and now Skyridge has a place there as well.  Thank you!

Heidi, Kurtis and Maggie May , Dubois, Wyoming , 03/2008

Thanks for sharing your amazing home with us.  It was everything we thought it would be and much more!  We enjoyed all the beaches, snorkeling and great restaurants.  We enjoyed Francis Bay, where we saw Pelicans, turtles and numerous fish.  This trip provided us with a much needed vacation.  We look forward to returning to St. John!  It was fabulous!  

Chuck and Laurie Kleckley , 02/2008

We brought seven people down and three generations.  and from age 82 to 17.  We loved the house.  Hot outside showers, cool dips in the pool, late night poker and early morning coffee on the deck--WOW--what a way to relax, rejuvinate, recharge.  What I love about this house is that while its modern, it is also appropriate to the setting.  it's been updated, but is warm, inviting and livable.  From the moment the door opened, we felt at home.  Because this is someone's home, although we were paid guests, we treated it lovingly and with respect, like the owners were watching over our shoulders!  

Beckers , 11/2007

This has been my dream vacation!  Me and my brother LOVED the pool and the view was to die for!  Thanks so much for renting out your house!

Casi G., age 10 , CA , 10/2007

Packing to leave, a morning shower and a double rainbow!  WOW!  A beautiful finale to an amazing week.  Snorkeling was great--as always.  We had the friendliest turtle come up and swim all around the four of us.  Carnival with the festivities associated with it is something to be bottled up and spread worldwide!  So many memories...  The restaurants were super ways to totally blow the diet.  Skyridge is a treat.  The wildlife, the view, the evening dips in the pool and the first class surroundings make Skyridge a place to remember!  Thank you!

Al & Carol English , 06/2007

There was a beauty named Claudia,

Who didn't do much she ought n'tia

But when under the sun,

She yearned for some fun

And sometimes became a bit naughtier!

Walt Terry , Huntsville, AL , 11/2006

We had a great week!  Finally went to Trunk and Cinnamon after five years--still happiest at Salt Pond.  Saw an eagleray for the first time.  awesome.  And the turtles are so much fun to swim with!  Yesterday no power but went on five hours later with no problems.  We left the gate open for five minutes and four donkey came in, but we quickly shooed them out!  They didn't have enough time to eat anything.  Love the new supermarket (Lily's) at Cocoloba Plaza.  

Beth and Keith Brown , Bedford, NH , 11/2006

Hazy summer days with lots of humidity and Sahara dust.  Hot in town but great breezes here.  Pool is great!  Lush, there is a rain shower daily.  We snokeled blue Cobblestone Beach for the first time and really liked it.  Go to the right.  Saw turtle and nurse shark.  Enjoyed the birds--bananaquits love their "swimming pool (water in shallow dish) and sugar.  Hummers galore too.  Dired with larry and his Coral Bay operation... Grilled 2 lobsters we caught too.  Waterlemon was super--turtle, eagle ray,..  Enjoy!


I'm certain only one word can encapsulate our stay here on the island and at Skyridge:  PRODIGIOUS!  It's hard to believe a place like this can belong to a person.  of course, our many flying, crawling and jumping friends might beg to differ.  We spent more time than we expected just lounging around here, relaxing and reading, but still managed some extraordinary snorkeling adventures.  in addition to the usual fare, we managed to find a sea turtle at Maho, stingrays at Cinnamon, and Trunk, and even a couple of giant fish we couldn't identify.  It was all very enriching.  Thanks for sharing your beautiful home and especially for the much-needed inspiration.  We can't wait to return!

Todd and Sarah Yura , Cleveland, OH , 05/2006

Well, perfection is hard to come by, but we certainly found it here!  The perfect house for our group--me (grandma), daughter Fran and her husband Patrick up here on the upper level, son and family down below.  Perfect location, perfect views, wonderful beaches, snorkeling, cute town of Coral Bay--so much nicer than crazy Cruz Bay.  We're already planning next year's visit.  Kids love the pool--adults love the fabulous view of Tortola at sunset, dinner and Scrabble on the deck.  The only downside is the distance to travel for three westerners!  from N. California and Arizona:  It's a helluva long way, but worth it!

Sally Greenleaf , CA , 04/2006

Everything about this house exceeded our expectations.  Make sure to put sugar/water out for the birds.  Our favorite spots to snorkel:  The Haulover.  Waterlemon Key and the Indian in the BVIs.  We highly recommend Fly Away Charters for a full day of  water tours.  Food:  Shipwreck Landing, Skinny Legs, Donkey Diner for breakfast.  Beaches:  Cinnamon Bay and Trunk Bay.  A shower with a view!!  We enjoyed every minute.  Walk up early and stay late.  We'll be back.  Thanks for everything.

George and jessica , Boston, MA , 03/2006

We love St. John and Skyridge is PERFECT!  We hardly wanted to go anywhere because it was so relaxing and entertaining here.  We cooked in several times and dined in Coral Bay.  We hiked, snorkeled and dived.  Saw two huge lobsters--9 lbs our experienced guides said.  Two octipus fought after damsel fish--it was upset they were in his area and he won!  We loved bleu cheese burgers from Skinny's.  Try snorkeling at Haulover.  Can be choppy but great coral and turtle and nurse sharks and black tips.  Can't imagine a better place to be.  

Art, Cynthia & Hadley , 02/2006

Wonderful trip!  The views and breezes at Skyridge just PERFECT.  We geogache/hiked and snorkeled every day.  Favorite was Yawsi Point and Waterlemon.  Saw nurse shark at Frances. octipus at Yawsi.  At Waterlemon, we saw a big turtle eating sea grass, sting ray, porcupine fish, just wonderful....  Full moon over the channel AWESOME and stars aplenty.  We will return!  

Karen and Roger , Huntsville, AL , 02/2006

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