Windspree Vacation Homes St John USVI

Testimonials for Amarilla Villa - Flanagan's Passage

This villa is wonderful! Packed with awesome views and all the amenities. It was in perfect condition when we arrived and no problems during our visit! Family of 6 was provided excellent space with rome to spare! We loved it! 

The Dygerts , Loryland, PA , 07/2017

We have loved the time spend with you tow, no matter where that may be…here is really extra special…it really is close to paradise up here at your Amarilla Villa. The world kinda takes a back seat to what you can enjoy in each other up here on top of this mountain. Thanks for having us!

We have really enjoyed every day here in paradise! The girls had a blast snorkeling at all the beautiful beaches. Amarilla Villa has been the perfect home away from home! The views are spectacular! This has been an amazing vacation! Sorry it took us so long to get here! Can’t wait to come back!

Pam, Steve, Frances, Donny, Syd, Sam , 06/2017

Our 20th visit to St John. Just the two of us on this trip. Perfect villa, so relaxing, may be our best and most relaxing stay.

-          I echo my husband’s comments. It is a perfect size for a couple of 4 people. I love the pool view, the view of the water, the cozy patio area, in back, and just a perfect spot. 

Jim & Bee Greig , CT , 05/2017

Wonderful time on St. John! Hope to be back!! View from this place was great.

Sandy Hoxie , 05/2017

Absolutely Beautiful! Loved every minute of it.

Linda Palm , 05/2017

As always, St. John and Amarilla Villa deliver beautiful scenery, lots of laughs & great memories. Peter's floating bar was a new find.

Palm & Hoxie Families , 05/2017

Thank you for sharing your home with us, it was absolutely beautiful! It is hard to leave this view.

Jen Gaylord , ME , 05/2017

Wow, If we were to build a home on St. John, this would be our perfect home! This is our fourth time at Amarilla Villa and we love this home! Thank you for sharing it with us. We will be back.

Gene, Irene and Margaret Feerrar , 03/2017

A wonderful week here in Coral Bay! We four have been fortunate to have traveled to many great places, and Amarilla Villa is now on that list. A beautiful home, with stunning views unlike any other. Even enjoyed Little Larry the Lizard who liked sharing the bathroom vanity with us! Enjoyed all the beaches of St. John- recommend Miss Lucy’ for Sunday jazz brunch and Aqua Bistro for lunch or dinner. Thank you to the owners for sharing this home. Blessings to all who enter here to enjoy the Caribbean sun and seas. Hopefully we will be back soon.

From “Almost Heaven”… West Virginia

Tom and Paula BJ and Jerri , West Virginia , 02/2017

We had a great stay at Amarilla Villa over xmas.  The heated pool was perfect for late afternoon swims.  The layout fit our family well, the furniture was comfortable and the hot tub was a nice addition that houses don’t often have.

Kevin , 01/2017

The house was fantastic. I checked off every box from a stocked kitchen, to great rooms, to a great pool. The hot tub was a little trouble, however we did get it working. The million dollar views were paired perfectly with the strong breezes. A great house for the family. Happy Holidays!

Kevin, Jill, Olivia and Owen Rask , Colorado Springs, CO , 12/2016

Just got back from another wonderful trip to our favorite place, St John USVI. Once again we stayed in Coral Bay, and for the first time rented Villa Amarilla thru Windspree. The rental process was seamless, as was meeting our greeter, being escorted to the villa and going over the layout and various controls. The villa was very comfortable with great indoor and outdoor spaces for sun, shade and the heated pool was especially appreciated. The kitchen was well stocked with pots and pans, dishes and glassware. Two refrigerators also helped. The two bedrooms in the pod were both large and comfortable, while the third bedroom downstairs was smaller, but still nice. Great views and breezes, and the ride into the villa was one of the easiest we’ve had. Would recommend Villa Amarilla and Windspree to anyone, plenty of room for three couples or a family. Thanks again to Karen and Kay at Windspree.

Tom Mayotte , 12/2016

This vacation was amazing.  The view from the porch is breathtaking.  This place is amazing!!

Audrey , 03/2016

Our third time at Amarilla Villa and we had such a great time as always. Love to cook, so bought a big pot for making spaghetti sauce – our donation to the villa :) Had a great dinner at Sweet Plantains and met the wonderful owners, Steve and Adie.  Try the pork ribeye and the grouper!  Both amazing meals. Hope to see you again next year – Thank you!

Elise & Brent , Boothbay, ME , 03/2016

Thank you for sharing your beautiful villa with us for the last two weeks.  We shared our vacation with two lovely ladies that wrote the 2/3 review.  The villa has some nice changes – the floor fans in the rooms and new beach chairs.  We have not been here for two years and were glad to be back!!  We snorkeled every day and really enjoyed Indigo Grille for supper and Sunday Concordia brunch.  We hope to be back next year for some much needed and much enjoyed R&R.


Two weeks here have been a wonderful time for us to enjoy the time together with my sister and her son and daughter-in-law as their guests.  They have been here many times and wanted us to come and enjoy the beauty.  We have loved every minute.  The wonderful accommodations and all the beauty in nature have been breath taking.  We feel very blessed to enjoy God’s handiwork at Amarilla Villa.  This is a trip of a lifetime for us.

Ann & Jody , 02/2016

We are sorry to say there are no more cats at this wonderful villa!  We love the house, but they truly added to the charm.  Hobie has moved over the rainbow bridge and the others who came to fill his space have been relocated to other areas of the island.  Thanks to all who came before us who kept them well fed and made them feel safe.  We look forward to returning next year!


This is our fifth year at Amarilla Villa, our eighth on St John.  We love our January break and coming to St John and Amarilla Villa in particular is always a respite from our busy lives, especially following the holidays. This home is beautiful, a first rate kitchen and the views are continually amazing.  Over the course of three weeks, we have some of our adult children and then friends join us.  We LOVE our time here!!


Had a lovely week with our children.  Emmitt, now from Austin;  TX, Devin, from Tustin near LA; Liam, from Miami Beach; and Conor, from Portland, ME.  With both houses (our friends next door) we were treated to sumptuous luxury all around and trust we took good care of everything (especially the cat!  Whose cry is huge whenever she’s sees anybody nearby.  I was cutting up leftover shrimp and fish for her.)  Dinners outside most evenings were a very special treat – highly recommend Ted for in house dining…..superb!....Even with a different menu for the kids.  Thank you for everything – it was lovely.  A fabulous week.

The Beliveau's , ME , 12/2015

We had a wonderful stay at Amarilla Villa!  The house is lovely and the views are incredible!  Everything was very clean, the beds were comfy, which is really important, other homes we have stayed in not so much. We enjoyed the pool and hot tub, and used them everyday!  I would definitely recommend this home to anyone staying on St. John, it is very roomy and so comfortable, plenty of room to spread out for the 5 of us.  The kitchen was so nice to cook in, all the appliances are top notch. We appreciate all the help from you and your staff, our stay was perfect.

Susan , 12/2015

My wife and I again stayed at Amarilla Villa for almost 3 weeks in January.  We love our time at Amarilla Villa.  The bedrooms are spacious and there is a wonderful breeze at night which means that we do not need air conditioning.  The kitchen is very well appointed with everything you need to cook meals.  The great room is large and well designed.  Thus when friends visited us for a few days there was space for all.  The wifi is strong and easy to use.  And the people at Windspree are great.  If there happens to be a problem, they respond immediately.  In my humble opinion Amarilla Villa is the best rental in Coral Bay.

Scott , New Orleans, LA , 12/2015

Million dollar views, wonderful layout, fully stocked kitchen.  And no mosquitoes!!!  We’ve spent a lot of time on St John over the past 36 years.  We can always count on wonderful people, great snorkeling and lots of mosquitoes and no-see-ums!  Thanks to the wonderful breeze (sometime a gale) – it was wonderful to sit outside at night and star gaze.  Too bad the hot tub wasn’t working.  Thanks for letting us stay in your wonderful home.

Lynn and Dave , East Greenwich, RI , 11/2015


Vicky , 07/2015

At varying junctions of our stay we:  Lived like kings; partied like rock stars; And flushed liked conservationists. As the old Irish saying goes, “May the sun be at your back (while wearing a protective rash-guard) during snorkeling adventures, and may your cisterns be filled with rain three minutes after you fall asleep”.  Loved the house – Will we be back!

At varying junctions of our stay we:  Lived like kings; partied like rock stars; And flushed liked conservationists. As the old Irish saying goes, “May the sun be at your back (while wearing a protective rash-guard) during snorkeling adventures, and may your cisterns be filled with rain three minutes after you fall asleep”.  Loved the house – Will we be back!


At varying junctions of our stay we:  Lived like kings, partied like rock stars and flushed like conservationist.  As the old Irish saying goes “May the sun be at your back (while wearing a protective rash-guard) during snorkeling adventures, and may your cistern be filled with rain three minutes after you fall asleep”.  Loved the house……will be back!


We had a wonderful time snorkeling at north and south Haulover, Salt Pond and Jumbie.  The kids loved Maho beach.  The house is beautiful, the rooms were very comfy.   We had no problems.  Our favorite bar/hangout was Aqua Bistro.  We will definitely come back.  Thanks Chuck and Jill.  The kids loved the cat (Hobie) and the hummingbirds.  All around great views and breezes.

Rhyan, Amber, Austynn, & Holden , Spring, TX , 06/2015

We are spoiled by the lovely surroundings – the house, the pool, gardens, beaches, and fish of all kinds.  Would recommend Amarilla Villa to anyone who appreciates beauty.  The most beautiful view I have ever seen lay right in front of us.

Ann and Bruce , 04/2015

Third time here and we still love it.  Always finding new beaches and trails to explore.  Had a hard time leaving at night to go out for dinner, so we ate here to enjoy the breeze and sunset view.  Let’s hope Coral Bay avoids a marina so this end of the island will remain quiet and peaceful. Looking forward to coming back again.  Thanks so much.

Rick and Pam , 04/2015

We had a great time snorkeling and sunbathing on the east end beaches.  Maho had lots of turtles and stingrays to see!  Miss Lucy’s, Shipwreck Landing, Aqua Bistro, Indigo Grill and the Tourist Trap were our favorite place to eat.  Skinny Legs had a great environment, but we didn’t like the charred burgers that much.  Overall, we had a great stay (and we loved the kitty!!)  Thanks for the great stay :)

Jeff, Linn, Lucy, Hampton, & Charlie , Lexington, KY , 04/2015

Had a great time and loved the kitty!! Thanks :)

Dan, Jody, Macy, & Jade , 03/2015

This was our third villa we’ve rented on St John and they say the third time’s a charm… right!  You’ve done a wonderful job in decorating and maintaining this beautiful place.  We enjoyed everything about it!  We’ll miss the kitty, but have to return to our own in cold, cold Maine L.  Thank you and hopefully be back next year!

Brent, Elise, & Dave , ME and MA , 03/2015

This is our third stay at Amarilla Villa and it is as wonderful as ever.  Perfect villa in a great location.  We love that it is just OK to stay in by the pool if we don’t want to go to the many beaches we love.  The kitchen is great too.  Karen and Kay and everyone at Windspree are wonderful as always.  It is great to be so close to Shipwreck Landing, Miss Lucy’s Aqua Bistro and Tourist Trap, especially when the north shore and Cruz Bay are so crowded in February.  Some of our favorite snorkeling is on the south shore too.  Hobie Cat is lovely, but she needs a home.  Someone please take the kitty…..she just wants a family.  We made sure to feed her and we bought more food.  It looks like the feeding station down the hill may not be providing food, so we hope the cat gets fed when no one is here.  Many thanks to the new owners.  The new outdoor furniture is great!  Now back to the cold of NH and MA….

Ruth, Robert, Trillium, & Bob , NH and MA , 02/2015

The saying goes “Third time’s a charm” – We agree!  Our third time on St John and we had the best vacation (away from all the “snowmaggedon” in the northeast.  We had wonderful  weather and our days consisted  of coffee-time, beach time, lunch time pool-time, nap-time, bed-time, repeat daily….dinner time!!  We spent our beach time at Francis Bay but, if you go, get there by 9, 9:30 for easy parking.  Snorkeling there was fun – not tons of fish, but we had daily visits by the local nurse shark, stingrays, turtles and even a couple of tarpon.  Lunch/dinner at our favorites:  Shipwreck Landing and Skinny Legs for amazing burgers!  Miss Lucy’s was a real disappointment, will not return there.  Your lovely home was by far the most well equipped and comfy place we have rented.  Little Hobie Cat was quite the talker and looks to be on the mend from a nasty encounter with another cat.  We fed him well and will miss him.  Looking forward to another trip back! 

Rick, Jane, Sharon, Dan, Barb, & Jim , PA , 01/2015

Return visitors to Amarilla Villa for a full week.  Loved snorkeling at Haulover beach and Maho.  House is extraordinarily comfortable and provides ever changing views that make the location so special.  Enjoyed Shipwreck Landing for simple dinners and Skinny Legs is fabulous.  Check out the jewelry store at Mongoose Junction.  On a past visit, enjoyed Salt Pond Bay and also the hike to Brown Bay (full of stink garbage, but good snorkeling off to the right).  Walked long, down hill trek to Reef Bay (bring Keene’s or water shoes for when you get there and walk east around the mangroves for a great, deserted area).  Trip back up is “athletic”, but gave us all a sense of accomplishment.  Thank you Lively’s (please purchase a BlueRay DVD) Hope to return again!

Kate, John Jr, Meridith & Cole , 01/2015

We arrived here on Wednesday…..We have been on the island for 4 days already and staying at another house that was supposed to be “a luxury retreat”….It was a disaster!  It was so bad that we packed our bags and walked out half way through our stay!!!  Thank God for Karen at Windspree and the owners Jill and Chuck!  We had no place to stay and they allowed to stay for the last three days before their new guests arrived.  We are so grateful for your hospitality and ended our vacation on a wonderful note.  Our stay here was lovely and their house….the view and sweet house.  Kitty Hobie cat was awesome.  We plan to return here again now that we know how great it is.

Jen, Matt, Sherry, & Steve , Roay Oak & Niles, MI , 01/2015

Thank you for sharing your villa. We had a wonderful time. We have been here 5 times and this villa has been our favorite. We would love to come back and stay here again. next time we come it will be summer,I like the laid back atmosphere of the summer time.

Tracey,Scott,Spencer and Zac , St.Clairsville,OH , 12/2014

House is perfect, view amazing, fabulous sunrises.  Lots of snorkeling (Maho is our favorite).  Went deep sea fishing (Bluewater Safaris, ask for Colin).  Caught about 250 lbs of mahi mahi and yellowfin tuna.  Totally a blast. Shopping great at Mongoose Junction.  Two favorite restaurants are Aqua Bistro and Morgans Mango, but the burgers at Skinny Legs are to die for.  If time, take the t-shirt painting class from “sloop” at Sloop Jones.   Thanks to Jill and Chuck for listing their beautiful home and making this a perfect vacation spot.

John & Debby , Larue, TX , 12/2014

This home is not only beautiful, but very comfortable also.  The views are outstanding.  The breezes great (most of the time).  We were privileged to stay the entire month of November.  Looking forward to another visit.  Snorkeling was nice, especially at Haulover (not much beach, but snorkeling was great).  Did my Christmas shopping in Cruz Bay and got amazing gifts

David & Denise , Spring, TX , 11/2014

Thank you for letting us spend our hard earned vacation in your home. It was perfect! Everything was clean and the home had everything we needed.

We were a bit anxious about staying on the "quiet side" of the island, but the location and views were perfect and we had a chance to discover and enjoy this side of the St.John, including Miss Lucy's,Vie's snack shop, Shipwreck Landing, to name a few.

We look forward to returning to STJ and would not hesitate staying here again!

Denise and Frank , Sudbury,MA , 04/2014

We have never been to this Island before, but we definetly enjoyed the stay. The house is beautiful and the views are amazing.Our family enjoyed the pools (Mostly the hot tub). It was very helpful to have the binder for recommendations on where to go. Everyday we got a visit from the black kitty. We also would see a hermit crab here and there back by the clothes line. Thank you for letting us stay, we would love to come back.

John,Cindy,Connor,Joe,Taylor , Bay Village,OH , 04/2014

Thank you so much for letting us rent the house. It is beautiful. We really enjoyed the pool the most because the kids could wake up early and go swimming.

I wish I could live here!

The house is amazing,we created so many new memmories. I'm going to miss the pool and the heat.


Words do it no justice. Paradise in the Islands.

Payne Family , 04/2014

A truely beautiful spot,enjoying my last sunrise as I write this breathtaking views and beautiful rainbows,double at times. Enjoyed a sail to Jost Van Dyke and would encourage all to see the beauty from the sea.

You have a beautiful home, thanks so much for letting is share in it.

Now back to the cold and snow of winter,UGH!

Thanks for sharing your home in paradise with us. We wish we had come for 2 weeks and not 1. We had a wonderful stay, can't wait til we all visit again.

Nancy,Tom and Sam , Westbrook,ME , 03/2014

The panorama of paradise was revealed with sunrise after arriving in the dark.You have selected a world class site for your wonderful home. We enjoyed it thoroughly-it was as if you were here with us as hosts.

We enjoyed several days not leaving the house at all-cooking in the thoughtfully equipped kitchen, reading and lounging on the pool deck and in the pool. We read a lot of books!

We ventured to Lamshure,Salt Pond,Haulover, and Maho.We enjoyed the View, Vittels and drinnks at Miss Lucy's. We fed the Cats and put out some sugar for the birds.We were mezmerized watching the rain showers approach adn wash over us.Comforted in that the cistern was gathering in the raindrops.

Windspree was attentive to our needs, disposal,pool,light bulb replacement...We enjoyed meeting their team.We have been using Windspree since 1988, they are top notch. 

We love the house very much. The beauty of the great room and the ambiance at dinner would be enchanced by thoughtful lighting design.

What more can be said- We had a great time and made many lasting memories.

Thanks for making Amarilla Villa aand Windspree a first class experience in St.John in Coral Bay.

Charles , Southwest Harbor,ME , 01/2014

     After returning from our fifth year on St. John at Amarilla Villa, on Jan. 20, 2014, we booked for Jan., 2015, five days after we returned...We love St. John, Coral Bay, and Amarilla Villa.....The 3 weeks just fly by.....Amarilla Villa is wonderful....great wi-fi, constant breeze so we never use the a.c., pool and jacuzzi, fabulous, well stocked kitchen, amazing views, and a very comfortable great room....


      Coral Bay is a small town, very friendly, and laid back.....There are 5 or 6 restaurants for dinner....nothing fancy but the food is healthy and good...


      And the beaches on St. John are great....We have 5 or 6 beaches which have great snorkeling that we go to regularly....Other than the 2 beaches closest to Cruz Bay, the beaches are not crowded, very safe, have shade or sun, and really good snorkeling....And all the beaches have out-houses if mother nature calls...


      My wife and I live on Cape Cod in Mass.....and we were not paid for this review....We simply love St. John and Amarilla Villa....Can't really think of anything bad to say about St. John or the people at Windspree....Well, the gas station in Coral Bay closed 3 or 4 years ago so you need to go to Cruz Bay for gas.....But a full tank lasts a week...


Scott B , MA , 01/2014

After much research we picked your villa, when we walked in the door, we knew our hard work had paid off.  We are two couples, who just adore your home and the layout.  We cooked in every night after long days of diving, snorkeling and beaching.  Thank you so much for a perfect vacation, we will be back.

The Doucettes & Maciels , MA , 04/2013

Once again the best two weeks we have had all year!  Thank you for sharing your beautiful villa with us.  It is truly a blessing. 

Thank you again, we will be back next year.

Gene & Irene , France , 03/2013

Thank you for three wonderful weeks in your lovely home!  We have been coming to Coral Bay for more than a decade and this is a lovely spot.  Everyone at Windspree and working at Amarilla Villa is wonderful.

Ruth, Robert & Trillium , NH , 01/2013

As I write this there is a blizzard hitting the East Coast and we have to return there tomorrow!  It's hard to believe our week in St. John is coming to a close.  Thank you for opening your home to us.  We can tell how much love and care went into building it and no detail was overlooked.

St. John is a wonderful place and your home made it perfect.  Our family enjoyed the sand, sun and snorkeling, as well as the pool and the hot tub. 

We would love to return someday...thank you for your hospitality.

Joe, Kathy, Jennie & Mary Beth , Pennsylvania , 12/2012

We have stayed at a number of different villas in the last ten years of visiting St. John.  We have always enjoyed our stays and developed some attachments and favorites in that time.  After staying a week at Amarilla, we feel as if we have found the perfect blend of view, space, access and an overall positive vibe. 

The house is beautiful and just so comfortable.  We felt it when we first arrived and it grew on us all week.  We look forward to returning and cannot imagine not coming back here.

Jim, Suzanna & Henry , MA , 12/2012

Thanks for sharing your beautiful home with us.  We loved your big, useful kitchen, the pool after a day at the beach and a hot tub dip at the end of the night.  The layout was perfect for 3 couples.  It was a great week with great friends and we can't wait until we can come back again. 

Matt, Jen, Colin, Tammi, Brad & Shelley , NE & OH , 11/2012

Thank you so much for sharing your lovely home with us……it was so much more than what we were expecting.  We have been tasting St John’s pleasures since 2002 and every year it’s more and more difficult to leave.  Your home is my favourite!  I’ll remember fondly the memories made here.

David, Chris, Shye, Nick and JJ , 08/2012

This too is my second year.  And what a glorious time we had.  You home is beyond words and we are very grateful to have the opportunity to visit.  I look forward to next year.  Thanks again.

Jim and Jody , 04/2012


This is our second stay at Amarilla Villa and we are already looking forward to a third.  Thank you for sharing your amazing home with us.  Everything was absolutely perfect.  Big Kitty was well fed during our stay.

Kevin and Lynn , 04/2012

“This is the best rental by far!”  “The view is fantastic and different every day.”  “Beautiful island, though very hilly.”

The Haferman’s, Wandmacher’s and Mutler’s , 03/2012

Wow!  This is amazing and an amazing view!  We all enjoyed this wonderful place!  The pool, hot tub, the amazing bedrooms, you have got it all!  The highlight of our trip was swimming with the sea turtles and a Manta Ray!  We got a huge laugh out of Big Kitty; she is a very sweet cat.  We absolutely loved the house and view!  It couldn’t have gotten any better! We enjoyed every minute of it!  We all thank you so much for sharing in your wonderful home!  Thanks again!

Jeff, Stephan , 03/2012

Thank you once again for sharing your beautiful home with us.  We truly appreciate being able to relax and enjoy the peace and beauty of the island from Amarilla Villa.  Weather was wonderful, company fantastic (my husband and I) we enjoyed watching a Super Bowl, a full moon and Valentine’s Day…..Priceless.

Irene and Gene , Gap, PA , 02/2012

There are not enough words to tell you how much we appreciate your generosity or how much we enjoyed every minute of our stay.  It was truly the most relaxing, romantic, fantastic anniversary (30th) we could’ve ever dreamed.  We loved on Big Kitty for you and we told her how much her momma misses her.  We loved being here alone, just what we needed and we can’t thank you enough.

Charley and Shelly , Seattle, WA , 01/2012

We so enjoyed your home for “after” Christmas, New Year’s family vacation.  Our 2 girls loved having their own amazing rooms (as we did as well) and we simply loved the 2nd floor porch overlooking everything.  Lounging outside on the patio with the amazing views was sublime, sunning, refreshing dips in the pool or hot tub, refreshments nearby and a wonderful kitchen at hand.  Our oldest is ready to be Big Kitty’s caretaker whenever possible; they had a lot of bonding time.  Grill starting is the surest way to get her to come around, short of regular feeding times.  We couldn’t get the whole house stereo to work, but appreciated the iPod docking station which filled the patio with good tunes.  Loved our stay, loved the layout, amenities, just a heavenly spot with clearly a lot of thought and comfort given.  We look forward to returning and exploring more of the island with peaceful retreat to this most magnificent home. Many Thanks

Susan, David, Lauren and Lindsay , Wilmington, NC , 12/2011

We had a wonderful time and your house is beautiful!  The views are amazing and we so enjoyed relaxing outside on your patio.  We have so many great memories and we hope to be back soon!  Thank you for making your home so welcoming!

Tracey and Derek , Chicago, IL , 12/2011

Thank you so much for letting us use your home -- we all had a wonderful time.  We are going home with great memories as a family.  We loved Big Kitty.  We went snorkelling everyday and the sea turtles were our favorite.  I really love your kitchen.  We enjoyed the local people and how friendly everyone was.  My kids loved chasing the geckos (and chasing after me, with geckos!). A great family time listening to music outside by the pool and hot tub.  Thank you so much for everything.

The McSees Family , 06/2011

Just another day in paradise! Once again we have enjoyed a beautiful, much-needed vacation at the prettiest villa in Coral Bay.  Our weeks here were full of simple enjoyment: relaxing by the pool, snorkelling with the fishes, and dining out at the wonderful restaurants around Coral Bay.  Thank you, Mary, for the beautiful flowers and making our stay special.  You were a great help when we needed info and we enjoyed getting to know you better. This is our 2nd time at Amarilla Villa and we are already planning for next year.  Thank you Steve and Vicki, for sharing your beautiful home with us! 

Gene and Irene , 03/2011

Another great visit to St. John and Amarilla Villa!  We enjoyed ourselves even more than last year.  Hope to return again next year.  Don’t change a thing.

The McQuillans , 02/2011

We have been coming to St. John for 9 years now.  Every trip keeps getting better and better.  Our boys are now 6, 6, and 3 ½.  They talk about their St. John home all year.  We have stayed in 6 different villas along the way and yours is a favorite.  The outdoor living space made the difference.  Thank you for opening your home to us and for choosing Karen and staff from Windspree to handle your rentals, they are the best! The week has been magical and we even got to watch a whale dancing off LeDuc, from the pool deck. See you all next year.

The Poodiack Family , 02/2011

The Weiss family came for a week of chill and luxury.  Amarilla Villa is the best!  We loved the views, beds, hot tub people, island, Coral Bay, and The Tourist Trap. The island is mellow and so are we.   We can’t wait to come back!  

The Weiss Family , 12/2010

Wow!  That's all I can say is WOW!  The people are nice, the town sleepy and the view is fantastic.  We were just married a week ago on Trunk Bay, across town and were fortunate enough to stay here for our honeymoon.  There is no better place to spend such an amazing time with the one you love.  We swam, enjoyed the hot tub, and the breathtaking view.  We even became close to Big Kitty.  Your management office is wonderful as well.  Please don't sell.  We want to be able to come back!  Thanks for making this available and letting us enjoy something yellow.  

Stegall , 07/2010

We had an amazing time at Amarilla Villa last week. The house was great and St. John was even more beautiful than we imagined.

Rummer , 06/2010

You have a beautiful place here.  We loved it when we saw it online, but couldn't believe it was better than the pictures!  The views are incredible from every window.  The bedroom was very comfy.  My family had the best vacation here on St. John this week.  Thanks for allowing us to enjoy your home.  I really don't want to leave.

Wilson , 05/2010

Your home exceeded all our expectations.  Absolutely spectacular time!  Big Kitty and friends sure were a hit.  We had a few chuckles when Big Kitty opened up the screen door and helped himself right on in!  Listening to the surround sound while swimming outside was paradise!  Cinnamon Bay was our favorite beach and we loved the serenity of Francis Bay.  We will taking all of the great memories and more back to Charleston, SC.  Thank you!

Shokri , 04/2010

Thanks for a wonderful week!  My husband and I came to St. John 10 years ago for our honeymoon and returned now with our 3 kids, ages 3, 5, and 8.  We had a wonderful time at your beautiful house.  We hit 7 different beaches!  The kids liked Hawksnest the best.  My husband and i snorkeled with a sea turtle, the highlight of our trip.  You house was perfect for us!  

Libert , 04/2010

WOW! We cannot find the words to express our gratitude for sharing your home with us. We've been to St John on 10 previous trips. This was the best by far. Wish we could stay longer! Especially here. We'll be in touch to make reservations for 2011.

McQuillan , MI , 02/2010

This is our 8th trip to St. John. We have stayed at some lovely villas in previous trips but none can rival the home and the views of Amarilla Villa. The deck and the pool are magnificent. The home is nicely laid out and well located. Our thanks to Mary who went above and beyond to make this the cleanest villa we have ever rented anywhere. We leave tomorrow for the cold weather in Michigan, but we will take many warm memories with us. God willing we will return to our favorite island with our best friends in the near future. Thanks for sharing your beautiful villa with us.

Geno , MI , 02/2010

Thank you-thank you-thank you!! We have truly enjoyed every minute of our 2 week much needed vacation. Than you for sharing your beautiful villa with us. The setting is gorgeous, the landscaping beautiful and the rooms tastefully and comfortably decorated. We enjoyed taking care of Big Kitty, the daily feeding of the sugar birds and got some delightful picutures. We snorkeled 13 out of 14 days and cannot pick a favorite one-they are all beautiful and unique. Your cleaning lady Mary was very kind and does a great job. This is our fourth time here and by far the best villa and best experience overall. Keep up the great work-we will be back!

Ferrara , 02/2010

Steve and Vicki-This is our third time to the island and I think we finally found the most perfect view. Your home here was designed with much thought and we truly enjoyed sitting  in the jacuzzi while looking over the bay. Thank you for allowing us to spend a little time in Paradise.

Rick & Pam , 01/2010

Where to begin? What to say? You have a beautiful villa and Pat and I feel very priviliged to spend our vacation here. Four days went by way too fast but reality hits and back to CA we must go. This is definitely a vacation neither of us will ever forget.

Pat & Lori , 10/2009

You have a beautiful home and we had a wonderful time; a vacation that we will always remember. We got a good chuckle out of Big Kitty, you could set your clock by him; here every morning and at dinner time, then he would just disappear! So it is now back to the great frozen north!!

Pete & Lori , 03/2009

We have stayed at many villas over the years, but this is our favorite!  We have three little boys just learning to swim, and this was the perfect place to do it.  We made use of the entire outdoor living area, because it's easily accessible from every room.  It truly has the best layout!  We will book this again next year.

The Poodiacks' , New Milford, CT , 04/2003

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