Coral Bay is a wonderful, quaint community located on the East End of St. John. The village is revered for its "small-town" charm and recognized by the strong character of its people. The area features eclectic qualities, emphasized by the warmth of the low-key island vibes. 

     While Coral Bay provides many activities, charters and restaurants, the village remains pure; untouched by commercialism and overdevelopment. 

Awaken your soul by engaging in unique cultural experiences, immersing yourself in nature and getting a taste of the local, island life.


     Check out some of the activities below to learn more about local businesses and how the island and Coral Bay thrive through hard work and heart. 

Experience Coral Bay

LIME OUT | Floating Taco Bar


Find your way to this floating taco bar via boat with Salty Daze Charters. This solar-powered restaurant features tasty tacos, hand crafted cocktails, local juice, and fresh hibiscus tea. Grab your lily pad float and munch on your favorite taco!


This charter company has three different excursions to choose from and is conveniently located in Coral Bay. Snorkel, slide, play, or lounge on one of the unique & comfortable boats they have to offer. Explore the US Virgin Islands and travel further offshore for more exploration.


Skinny legs is famous for their burgers and have been named in Esquire Magazine's top 100 bars several times. The restaurant has been kicking for over 30 years and continues to bring guests back with it's relaxed down-island atmosphere and eclectic decor and memorable cheeseburgers.


A creative, nurturing space for anyone who wants to expand their knowledge in pottery or watercolor. Check out classes, workshops and an inviting gallery space that showcases ceramic art and paintings of local island artists. 


Certified instructor and creator of Love City Yoga, Corey Thomas, features classes and private instruction for yoga enthusiasts of all levels. Check out one of her classes or contact her for a private, a home session. 


Activate your mental & physical well being by paddle boarding on one of the many calm bays in St. John. SUP St. John is professional, contains a wide variety of boards and can deliver to your location! 

A Glimpse into the Past


     Coral Bay continues to evolve; Through hurricanes, the variation of people and the wildlife, this little community finds ways to change while staying the same. Though restaurants may switch hands and residents come and go, the village remains sincere, acting as the empathetic and passionate heart of Love City. Experience this video of Coral Bay, taken 10 years ago. 

Lithograph of Coral Bay, from a painting by Robert H. Schomburgk, dated 1833 [Image courtesy Michael & Jane Sheen Collection]