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"We had an awesome stay at Clementine Loft! So many great days with the turtles at Maho Bay + @ Skinny Legs. Already planning our next trip back to St. John!"

- Anna & John, 3.2.23 

"What an amazing week we've had at the Lime Lofts! This island has a way of never making you want to leave. On our last snorkel trip we saw so many wonderful things- including a spotted eagle ray!! Thankful for leaving with tan faces + salty skin. Until next time,"

- Paige & Bri, 3.13.23

"Clementine was a serene week-long getaway from the fast-paced life of NYC for me and my boyfriend. For a week we slowed down, forgot about time and enjoyed everything this beautiful island has to offer. Here were our favorite memories:

1- Seeing a shark while snorkeling in Waterlemon Cay. This was a memory we will cherish but would want to relive.

2- Seeing turtles while snorkeling in Maho Bay .

3- Watching the sunset at Windmill Bar.

We'll truly miss the pristine waters and fascinating wildlife of this island. Thank you for an amazing stay."

- Ece & Luca, 4.20.23

"USVI is our favorite vacation spot! Secrets for sunshine success! 

1) Buy the rash guard. The sun is intense!

2) Maho Bay = tons of turtles

3) Visit Lime Out...multiple times.

4) Always upgrade & rent the jeep.

5) Watch sunset @ Windmill.

6) Most importantly STAY LEFT. 

- Sarah & Kyle, 4.25.23