We are your island guide

If you would like information about any of the following items listed below, please reach out and we will be happy to inform, advise and secure a reservation for you. We do this as a convenience and there's no additional cost!

Boat excursions

It is recommended to book earlier in your trip so that there's wiggle room to cancel in the event of incliment weather. We also recommend booking a full day vs. half day. Most folks come home after a half day, wishing they had more time on the water!

Private chef experiences

Enjoy the comfort of a home cooked meal without having to prepare or clean up! The chefs on island are talented and experienced and we've been working with many of them for years. We highly recommend booking a chef on the same day you have a boat excursion so that you can come home, shower and relax and not have to worry about making dinner or hurrying to a restaurant reservation.

Spa services

Pamper yourself while on vacation and book an in-home spa service. Experience a well-rounded vacation by having fun and exploring, but also relaxing and allowing your body to decompress.