A Love & Beyond | Sunrise



"We are very fortunate to have stayed at such a  beautiful home. As you explore Coral Bay, you'll soon realize that the home is located in a very tight-knit community filled with funny and interesting people! If you wanna share a laugh and good food w/ the locals, check out the Slathy Mongoose Pizza and Bar just a short drive down the road. As for Bryan to make you his special Lim-in-da-coconut drink...the drink is to die for...and if you're feeling extra lucky, ask for the salty mongoose drink but whatever you do, NO NOT ASK WHAT'S IN IT cause they won't tell you!!! If you're lucky enough you'll get to know Coleen, she can take you on her dinghy out Lime-Out and don't forget to taste the ceviche tacos, rum rib, surf-n-turf, or Caribbean spice tuna taco; if Coleen asks who sent you, tell her Michael and Alba from TX recommended it! Make sure you provide some scratches for her sidekick doggy name pup-pup!! If you wanna see a good deal of turtles, head out to salt pond beach, and continue to walk towards the other end of the beach, you'll run into the salt ponds. Don't be afraid to scoop some foam w// your hands and give it a taste, local assured it's clean and safe to try!!! We also saw some real cool deer in Francis Bay beach that were wandering the forest. For breakfast, we highly recommend high-tide and also North-Shore Deli out in Mongoose Junction. The breakfast sandwiches at North Shore were delicious. Sun Dog Cafe is a good lunch spot if you're feeling salads or even their battered fish tacos! If you like history, there's a beach called Oppenheimer Beach whose namesake is the man who oversaw the Manhattan Project and created the Atom Bomb. Oppenheimer's home is still standing to this day! Arrive extra early as there are only three ccar spots available for the entire beach!!

While in the islands remember to enjoy yourself and the locals are very friendly. They respect and take pride of the beauty of their island. Let loose and you'll never know the adventures that are around the corner!!"

- Michael & Alba, July 2023

"This place is so fun. We have a great view and we got to snorkile everyday! Thank you"

- Gabe (who also drew a cute pineapple)

"This rental home/ villa is the best one I ever stayed at. This is not a complaint but rather a warning: There are birds trying to make a nest in both of the showers!"

- Elijah 

"Thank you for sharing your home with us this week! We had an amazing time and thoroughly enjoyed all that Palladio's View had to offer. This is our 2nd visit to this property: Our first time was 16 years ago for our honeymoon and we have finally returned to this special place with our three boys, ages 8, 10 & 12. The pool, hot tub, sunrises and views have been a hit! We love Coral Bay and it is the perfect respite after days filled with busy beach hopping. Trunk Bay, Maho, Hawksnest did not disappoint. Snorkeling every day was a highlight and we highly recommend a sail on Kekoa, Morgan's Mango, Surf Club Cantina and Rhumblines were our favorite meals. Thank you for such a fantastic set of accommodations. This place is perfect for a family!"

- Ronette, Cooper, Elijah, Gabe & Simon, 7.1.23

"Palladio's View has been a great airbnb to the pool all the way to the rum that was left in the pantry, it has been super convenient with calabash market and the restaurants located really close to the airbnb. Personally I like the pink building aka "ekaete" restaurant that has delicious Caribbean food like empanadas and pate, goat, chicken, rids, etc. There is also a pizza shop called "pizza bar and paradise" which is a locals spot and the Salty Mongoose which I haven't tried. The two favorite beaches that my friends and me like are Hawksnes and Francis Bay, Hawksnest has amazing coral and isn't that touristy but is still popular. Francis Bay is very calm and is all around a great destination for your list. For a boat trip try Kekoa boat trips. They are awesome sauce. P.S. you can have awesome massages at the house. P.P.S. Mongoose Junction is great for shopping."

- Devin

"This was our first trip to St. John and your home made it perfect! The views, the comfort, THE POOL! Absolutely spectacular. The first few days we visited Francis Beach and then Trunk Bay. Both beautiful and great for the kids to try snorkeling. Then after a day of resty (my older daughter developed double ear infections :( BTW, the clinic at the halfway point is fantastic!...A few of us visited Salt Pond Beach and swam w/baby turtles. SO MANY TURTLES! When my daughter started feeling better we did an easy day at Maho Beach.  We go there at 9 a.m. and scored front row parking. A covered picnic table and an amazing day at the most beautiful of the beaches we visited. We popped by Cinnamon Bay Beach, but were glad we mostly stayed at Maho. For our last day we headed to Hansen Bay Bean and it was 100% WORTH IT!!! The owner was so nice. The beach was a bit rocky at the entry, but sand and every color of blue in the water. We rented a spot with a shade canopy for $20 (a steal) and did the BEST snorkel of our whole trip. You follow the coast around to the left and you will snorkel out along the rock out cropping called Pelican Rock. It sticks right out of the water. Definitely make your way around the other side. There we saw green moray, 2 spotted eagle rays and so much more. That beach has character for sure! Till next time <3"

- The Vaughns + mom, Matt, Ally, Anne + Talia and Susy K.