Mornin' Glory



"It was our family's 4th time in St. John & first time @ mornin glory. This House provided the perfect place to stay, views are teh best and the drive-way gave us a laugh/scare. We love to explore new places but this island has a grip on our hearts. The people are kind, the water is fantastic and we love that the family is together. For snorkeling we saw the most- Denis, Hansons and waterlemon. Great food and hospitality Skinny's + Salty Mongoose & Miss Lucy's. 

Overall this island has become a second home to us & we love it. 

Do not pet turtles.

Use reef safe sunscreen - if you're unsure, look it up."

- The Coulson's (Chris- Katie- Matthew- Lauren), 5.28.23

"Good Afternoon,

"This is our 2nd trip to St. John & our 2nd stay at Mornin' Glory. This is a wonderful place with an amazing view.All the comforts of home. My wife & in-laws lived on the island for years and it is such a joy to be able to return and relive their memories. When we came in July of 2022 I was able to get a glimpse of what their lives were like. This trip we focused more on relaxing at the local beaches and some shopping at the local businesses. The people of the VI are just wonderful, kind and very friendly as long as you are respectful. They will accept you when you say, "good morning, good afternoon and good evening." Don't be afraid to wave at the locals. The driveway is fun as is driving around the island. Maho & Trunk Bay are my favorite beach. Haulover is my favorite for snorkeling,  but have swim shoes the rocks getting into the water are tough on your feet. Renting snorkeling masks and swim fins are the cheapest at the local shop Crappies next to the Dolphin Market in Coral Bay (Right down the street). My wife wanted me to tell you that if you like to watch birds the Bananaquits are fun to watch and like sugar water (1/4 cup of sugar in a 12 oz. bottle of water.) They will show up in great numbers and can be noisy when they want a refill. :) So you decide. This was a great and much needed vacation that we got to celebrate Mother's Day and our 9th wedding Anniversary enjoy Mornin' Glory. Conserve water as requested, enjoy the view and driveway. Lastly say hello to the goats that live in the hills around here."

- Sean & Whitney Ally, Lee Knoll & Lynn Long, 5.4.23

"Thank you so much for sharing your fabulous villa with us. It certainly lives up to its name, Mornin' Glory! The sunrises were amazing each day!"

- Teri-Anns Sanders & Gary Kincaid, 4.24.23

"Mornin' Glory is a great villa. We love dthe at home, comfortable vibee of the house. The views are just outstanding!!! We loved morning coffee on the deck watching the comings and goings of Coral Harbour. This villa is prime for the easterly winds. We spent many nights sitting on the porch and the winds kept the skeeters at bay. This was our 6th trip to STJ on the Coral Bay side of the island, and we were very pleased with the villa. It is a place we will return to. Coral Bay is my idea of a perfect getaway!"

- Sue & Mark Landloo w/ Katie & Alex Landloo, 2.17.23

" As we pack our bags & reminisce on the memories we made on our 3rd trip to St. John as a family. We thank you Mornin' Glory for hosting so many of these memories from us gritting our teeth on our first drive up the driveway to our drunken laughs on the porch, it really has been a great stay.

Some advice to the next visitor:

1) Hike Ram's Head
2) Snorkel at Maho Bay
3) Get a drink at Sun"

- Unknown, 1.18.23

"Mornin Glory- The name truly does say it all! What a fabulous Caribbean vibe villa there is- relaxed with a low key energy- just what our fmaily needed to start a new year!

Our young adult souls had 2 morning scuba dive tours with Low Key Watersports- both excellent- shark, turtles, eels, lobster, barracuda, loads + loads of fish and coral! 

Amazing New Years Day. Morning hike to Ram's Head- with snorkeling after at Salt Pond Bay (go out along rocks on right side of bay- gets fabulous the farther from the beach you go.

Hawksnest Beach- Best snorkeling near the beach. 

Frank Bay- Gorgeous beach, snorkeling just ok.

Hikes from Cruz Bay- Link Point + Caneel Hill- both great views as a reward!

Skinny Legs- Island vibe + not expensive. 

Lim Out BBQ- Very tasty

Rhumb Lines- Fabulous. Food and ambiance - expensive. 

2 Good books here at the villa. "Between the sheets."- Essays by marries St. John residents- very funny!

St. John- Feet, fins + four-wheel drive. It's an older book, but lots of great info + tips that are still relevant AND a funny casual write-up style too!

Thank you Mornin' Glory + Windspree for the fabulous St. John Vacation!"

- Patti, John, Luke + Dan Alli, 12.29.22