Sail View Villa



"We came to Sail View to share St. John with my family (I was here in 1987 and 1989 with school for field studies @ Viers) - many memories now shared!

Tips: Hike early!
- Visit Salt Pond Beach (baby turtles!)
- EAT @ Johnny Lime (Best BBQ ever!

The incredible views,the iguanas, the tastefully appointed spaces, the AC! Well-stocked kitchen! Everything was so clean and well-cared for. 

Lasting memories: Snorkel "hiking" the Tecitite from Greater Lameshur and the petroglyph hike. 
Crazy steep roads with no shoulder :). 

    Activities we enjoyed most during our stay: Hikes to Ram's Head and Petroglyphs. 
    Snorkel "hike" @ Lameshur. Gorgeous beaches - lounging. 
    - Hanging out on the deck watching iguanas.
    - Watching the rain fall (we're from SoCal where it never rains :)
    - Searching for treasures on Greater Lamshur Beach.

    Thanks for sharing this lovely space. We hope we have an opportunity to stay again! The beach provisions (chairs, coolers, etc.) were so helpful!"

    - Heying family - Danielle (Zacheri), Ben & Amelie

    "We came to Sail View to relax, explore the beautiful island and visit family on St. J.

    Tips: Snorkeling! Especially at Waterlemon.
    - Hiking- the Reef By Trail.
    - Embrace "Island Time.

    At Sail View I appreciated the decks and views, the trade winds breezes, space for everyone and the kitchen. 

    Lasting memories: The view and breezes from the deck
    - Seeing the most amazing sea life- Turtles! Parrot Fish! Nurse Shark! Sting Rays- 

    Activities we enjoyed most during our stay: Snorkeling (Everyday)
    -Swimming at Cinnamon Bay.
    - The donkeys!
    - Sailing

    Thank you for your beautiful, relaxing, comfortable home. It had everything we needed. Thank you!!!"

    - Devine Family, Joe & Tamara, Christopher, Dylan, Braeded & Calvin, 4.6.23

    "We came to Sail View to  celebrate Devan's 30th birthday & 2023 NYE. Most important, make new memories with the family.

    Tips: Don't pet Gizmo
    - Oh-bombs are strong.
    - Sunscreen works.
    - Cistern has great acoustics.

    At Sail View I appreciated the family style living space/ kitchen. Close to Coral Bay Bars and great hangout spots around the house.

    Lasting memories: Having to make a birthday cake in the toaster oven..low & slow. Funfetti..the best funfetti. 
    - Seeing Octopus. 

    Activities we enjoyed most during our stay: Drink NYE 2023, Maho Bay Bar, Salty Mongoose is a great time, Star Gazing on the deck.

    More Noodles, more chairs but beautiful views, would return again and again. Thank you for opening your home to us. This place is paradise."

    - Maggie, Nate, Kristen Tucker, Devan & Kody, 12.27.22